Nuevo León could soon emerge from the fourth wave of Covid-19: Alma Rosa Marroquín

Monterey, NL. The state of Nuevo León reached 40 days of the fourth wave, in which the Ómicron variant has predominated. As of February 5, 3,559 positive cases were registered, that is, almost half of those registered on January 20 with 6,692 confirmed cases, said Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla, state Health Secretary.

“We are in our 40th day since the beginning of the fourth wave, we had talked about what was happening in other countries, where this fourth wave it had a shorter duration and the most intense part lasted an average of 45 days, we are going to be evaluating whether it behaves in the same way in Nuevo León,” said the official.

He explained that the last maximum peak reached 4,793 daily cases of Covid-19 on February 3, however, in the last two days its trend has been downward.

The hospitalizations They observe a decrease since last January 31 when they registered 1,000 hospitalized patients, to 856 this Saturday, February 5, and the cases of intubated people have also decreased from 168 to 158 hospitalized in recent days.

Marroquín Escamilla explained that with the drop in infections and hospitalizations, the state authorities trust that the forecasts will be fulfilled and that the state will soon come out of this fourth wave of coronavirus.

To date, a total of 449,851 accumulated cases and 15,542 deaths have been reported, 27 registered on February 5, including a one-month-old baby.

On the other hand, the official commented that it is not prudent to make changes to the epidemiological traffic light, so the return to school will continue to be voluntary. Next Thursday, February 10, it will be evaluated if a change in this measure is decided.


The State Secretary of Health stressed that the goal to vaccinate more than one million 400,000 people against seasonal influenza has been achieved, “we have 100% progress for the influenza vaccine, it began its application in November and December of last year”.

On the other hand, 91% of the population has been immunized with a dose of vaccines against Covid-19, and 82%, with a complete schedule. in the program Cross-Border Vaccination 150,500 doses have been applied.

He confirmed that this Monday, February 7, the cross-border vaccination days will restart in their private vehicle modality and urged the population to comply with the necessary protocols to preserve the order and efficiency of this process.

“We are going to be a little stricter, a filter will be placed prior to the arrival of the parking lot where they have to get out of their vehicles (parents accompanied by minors from 5 to 14 years old), not only the identification documents but also the confirmation of the appointment, such as the folio that was given to them”, detailed the state official.

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