Nubank shares are already in the Mexican market

The actions of the Brazilian neobank, Nu Holdings or Nubankbegan trading this Thursday in the International Quotation System (SIC) through the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) and the Institutional Stock Market (BIVA).

The foregoing, after just last December it debuted on the New York Stock Exchange (NTSE), with a reference price of 9 dollars per share, which gave it a market capitalization of 41.5 billion, according to a statement. of the BMV.

There, he explained that the neobank, considered one of the largest digital banks in the world, is listed on the SIC with the ticker symbol “NU”.

According to the BMVwith the arrival of Nubank to the SIC, so far in 2022 there are 102 listed securities, corresponding to 77 shares and 25 ETFs.

Increases the attractiveness of the stock market

“As of today, the actions of Nu Holdings will be available in Mexico, through the SIC for all those interested in this important company of Brazilian origin that provides services to about 54 million customers in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia”, BIVA and GBM+ said in a statement.

Maria Ariza, CEO of BIVAcommented that he is very enthusiastic about being able to expand and diversify the offer of financial products for Mexican investors.

“This launch of Nu Holdings, through the SIC, helps increase the attractiveness of the stock market among the Mexican public, which is essential to generate greater interest and motivate more people to try and enjoy the advantages that the stock market represents. securities as one of the best alternatives in the generation of long-term returns”, he said.

For his part, Javier de la Madrid, Director of GBM+stated that they remain firm in their commitment to make Mexico a country of investors and offer their clients various investment opportunities that allow them to boost their income.

“At Nu we have an obsession: our clients. We are very happy that GBM+ and BIVA bring to the Mexican market the shares of our controlling company, Nu Holdings, through the SIC, because now Mexicans can also be our partners”, said Emilio González, General Director of Nu México.

In Mexico, market opportunity comparable to Brazil

In Mexico, Nu has been operating for two years with a credit card and already with almost 1.5 million users.

In a recent interview with The EconomistEmilio González, commented that by 2022 the subsidiary of the Brazilian giant has as a priority to continue growing rapidly in Mexico in the placement of cards and other products, given that there is a market opportunity comparable to that of Brazil.

“In Brazil we already have more than 50 million clients, so in the long term we believe there is an opportunity to reach tens of millions of Mexicans,” he said at the time.


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