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A physician and infectious disease researcher in Halifax applauds the continued efforts of volunteers distributing rapid test kits during the Omicron surge.

“Nova Scotians are doing a good job of being patient. We still have better access to the kits than anywhere in Canada. Especially in a volunteer-driven way, ”said Dr. Lisa Barrett, infectious disease doctor and researcher at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Within a few hours, the supply of take-home rapid tests distributed at the Halifax Convention Center was gone within a few hours.

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Crowds of people descended on the city center both on foot and in their vehicles to try to pick up equipment.

Increased demand for testing in Nova Scotia has prompted the province to shift its focus to using the finite resource in a more targeted way.

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“We really need to keep CRP testing for people who are at high risk and that’s fine and normal, but just another reminder that as we switch to not doing as much testing, it will appear that the number of cases is decreasing.” Barrett said.

She says people shouldn’t assume that the lowercase figures in the coming weeks mean there are fewer viruses circulating in the population.

“It will seem that the number of cases will go down because we will not register as many because people are doing their own tests at home with the antigen test,” he said.

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Public health directs people who are close contacts of a confirmed case, or symptomatic, to self-isolate immediately.

Starting Monday, those circumstances should also be followed up with individuals completing an online self-assessment through the provincial website to determine what specific type of testing they should proceed with.

The most recent information from the province establishes that the majority of people will be indicated to book a rapid test, as PCR spaces continue to be limited to those who are most vulnerable to serious diseases, which are an integral part of the operations of the screening system. healthcare or living in a congregated setting. .

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“I hope that people remember that each person in front of them can be a contact or a positive, and we will not know that anymore. So, move forward in the world knowing that COVID is everywhere. That’s not a scary thing, but make sure you wear your mask really well, ”Barrett said.

It also encourages Nova Scotians not to venture too far from their homes for the next two weeks as the virus continues to circulate at increasing levels.

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