Nova Scotia Power ‘millionaires’ lambasted by elected officials in Nova Scotia

One of the MPs on the committee was quick to point out that the compensation of the executives of the energy company Nova Scotia Power (DK) is increasing, as it seeks to raise electricity rates for its customers.

Privatized in 1998, Nova Scotia Power is a subsidiary of Emera. In January, it applied to the Utilities Review Board for approval to increase electricity rates in Nova Scotia by 10% over three years.

The cost of living completely overwhelms Nova Scotians, and that’s when Nova Scotia Power has the audacity to add a 10% increase on their backsoutraged the Liberal MP for Halifax-Atlantic on Wednesday, Brendan Maguire. People can no longer pay their rent or their mortgage.

He vilified Mark Sidebottomthe chief operating officer of Nova Scotia Powerwho was appearing before the Public Accounts Committee.

Mark Sidebottom standing sternly in front of a large painting.

Mark Sidebottom, chief operating officer at Nova Scotia Power, May 4, 2022 at Province House.

Photo: CBC/Jean Laroche

There’s never a good time to ask for an electricity rate hikerepeated several times Mr. Sidebottom.

Yet every time, it always seems like a good time to give record bonuses to your leadersimmediately reprimanded the deputy Maguire.

Emera’s CEO, Scott Balfour, saw his compensation increase by 6% in 2021. He pocketed 8.2 million in salary, bonus and other benefits. Another senior leader, Karen Huttsaw his salary jump 21% last year.

We see record bonuses. We see the leaders of Nova Scotia Power and Emera become millionaires on the backs of citizens. »

A quote from Brendan MaguireLiberal MP for Halifax-Atlantic

Leaders of Nova Scotia Power agreed to testify before this Legislature’s Public Accounts Committee, but warned lawmakers that they would not answer any questions about electricity rates because the hearings of the commission that will study the proposed hike will not haven’t started yet.

Brendan Maguire in front of a lectern.  He is serious and speaks with a document in his hands.

Brendan Maguire on April 8, 2021 in Halifax.

Photo: CBC/Robert Short

It is insultinglaunched the Liberal MP Brendan Maguirewho further slammed the company’s top executives.

Before you even sit down in front of the committee, you send us these letters to tell us that you don’t want to be asked questions, and that you don’t want to answer questionsstormed Mr. Maguire. In eight years on this committee, I have never seen that.

Energy poverty

The will to Nova Scotia Power to increase electricity rates by 10% over three years cause for consternation across the province, according to Claudia Chenderthe NDP MP for Dartmouth-South.

She too admonished Mark Sidebottom. People are angry because they can’t pay their bills already. We know that 37% of homes in Nova Scotia experience what is called energy poverty.she mentioned to the chief operating officer of Nova Scotia Power.

Claudia Chender talks to reporters.

Claudia Chender is the NDP MP for Dartmouth South.

Photo: Robert Short

According to Ms. Chandlerthe energy costs would represent more than 6% of after-tax income of a typical household.

Energy poverty, or fuel insecurity, refers to the experience of households who struggle to heat and cool their homes at decent rates. Households or even communities are low in energy when available energy sources are unaffordable.

the NDP provincial government proposed during the spring parliamentary session to eliminate, in the law on public services, the legal barriers which prevent the establishment of a special rate for customers of Nova Scotia Power who have low incomes.

Members of the Progressive Conservative government rejected this motion.

According to a report by Jean Laroche, CBC

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