I once went to a theme park and I thought it was fine, but for once. Something like this I think of life: I would not visit her again. Life, like the amusement park, has everything: its ferris wheel, its roller coaster, its little horses, its churro stalls, its houses of terror, its witch trains. You spend an afternoon in it, in life, and that’s it . There are people who like to ride all the rides multiple times. For me, however, one was enough. I do not plan to repeat, I would not be born again or tied. This is not a complaint, I insist, but a clarification. Sometimes they ask me: Would you go back, would you like to repeat? Well no, I would not like to repeat childhood or childhood or adolescence or maturitynothing, I would not repeat anything, I would never get on any of the attractions again, neither the ‘enterprise’ nor the ‘graviton’, nor the oscillation swing, nor the tornado.

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