How far are those draws to which Barça came confidently. In which you could happily say that you had no preferences. They were times of abundance, of superiority. Lately, however, the club visits Nyón on tiptoe, hoping to go unnoticed, but there is no way.

We often disguise as bad luck facts that probably have a previous reason

It was already shorn in the summer when the ball of the insurmountable Bayern appeared and, in the current dynamics, it should not be surprising that the team that on paper could be the great bogeyman alongside Lazio. And in this case there was no bungling and therefore no possibility of contesting.

Concatenation of bad decisions

We often disguise as bad luck facts that probably have a previous reason. To give an example, the reason why the Barça infirmary has a high percentage of occupation will not be simple bad luck. Nor is it by chance that the Barça club is on this occasion in the Europa League hype. Behind it is a chain of bad decisions that began years ago.

Attractive eliminatory

But look at it differently, from the point of view of the Barça spectator, the tie is attractive and even if you are clueless, if you do not pay attention to the anthem that will sound before the game and if you do not look at the calendar that week, you can reach to think that this Barça-Naples is a Champions League match.

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I will give you even more reasons to be satisfied, if the Barça in February is similar to the current one, the suffering will be minimal: one round and for home. Think that, had they played another more affordable team, the agony could have been extended perhaps to eighths or quarters when a minimally honed team would have sent them home as well.

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On the other hand, if at that time Barça has raised the level and the new era of Xavi allows them to be strong enough to beat Napoli, it will mean that they have regained potential to even aspire to win the competition. Thus, it has not been a bad draw for Barça. If you want to talk about bad luck, look at Madrid.

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