Nose and mouth: this is how you should now use your rapid tests

Public Health of Quebec now recommends rubbing the swab in the mouth in addition to the nostrils when performing a rapid screening test for COVID-19.

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This was announced by the acting national director of public health, Dr.r Luc Boileau, at a press briefing, Friday.

Dr. Boileau recommends that before putting the swab in your nostrils, you insert it into your mouth and rub it between your cheeks and gums, as well as on the back part of your tongue.

You can continue to rub the swab only into your nostrils as instructed. Rubbing it in the mouth, however, offers a “fuller” result.

“This method has been proven to be more effective in detecting the virus,” said Dr.r Boileau.

The new procedure should be available soon on the website An explanatory video will also be shared.

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