Normand Marinacci did not commit any ethical misconduct, concludes the CMQ

The mayor of L’Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève, Normand Marinacci, has not violated the rules of ethics, concludes the Quebec Municipal Commission in a decision made public on Monday.

The elected representative of Projet Montreal had been the subject of a citation in ethics because he was accused of having interfered in the functions relating to the general management and of having decided himself the sanctions to be imposed on an executive. of the district suspected of having stolen working time. An investigation by the City’s Comptroller General found that the employee was shortening his work shifts in addition to using a vehicle belonging to the borough for personal purposes.

The director of the borough, Daniel Le Pape, had recommended the dismissal of the employee while Normand Marinacci wanted to impose administrative sanctions on him instead. As the Pope agreed with Mr. Marinacci, the employee received a negative evaluation and was deprived of a salary increase.

In his decision, Judge Joseph-André Roy seriously questions the credibility of Daniel Le Pape, given the contradictions in his testimony and certain false statements. He therefore comes to the conclusion that Normand Marinacci did not commit an ethical fault, that he had no personal interest in the employee remaining in his position and that he had not acted in such a way as to promote employee interests.

During his testimony, Normand Marinacci indicated that he knew that the employee was available day and night in the event of an emergency, that he was working outside his work schedule, but that he did not enter all his hours. working in time keeping software. The mayor was also of the opinion that the employee could have brought an action against the borough in the event of dismissal.

“According to the Court, the evidence does not allow to conclude that Mr. Marinacci committed the breach with which he is accused”, concludes Judge Roy.

The mayoress Valerie Plante was satisfied with the decision of the Municipal Commission.

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