Noise in the Eixample patios, by Juli Capella

The neighborhood yards They should be the refuge from the fierce street. But they are becoming noisy urban jungle. From a haven of peace they are degenerating into a set for continuous revelry. If you have a school, the noise will only be during recess, during the day and during the week. But if there are restaurants and hotels occupying the patio, the noise will be ‘non stop’ day and night, and especially on weekends and holidays. Just when do you expect to be able to rest.

It became fashionable with the excessive tourist boom. Then the pandemic restored the peace, but now the old abnormality returns. If the street is the jungle of the asphalt, where there is no choice but to withstand a high decibel level, it should be guaranteed houses as a sound refuge. At least, the interior part that faces the neighborhood patio, where noisy commercial events should not be able to be hosted. Or in any case as an exception, but never as periodic programming including holidays, with pounding live pachanga music and people screaming. The fun of a few may not mean the annoyance of the many. The business of a few cannot be at the cost of neighborhood disorder. Many people are forced to close their windows and cannot enjoy their terraces and balconies. They have the right to rest, not to be constantly interrupted.

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According to The Worldwide Hearing Index, Barcelona, ​​due to its high density, is among the 10 cities loudest in the world. The European Environment Agency has already warned of the serious causes of illnesses and premature death that causes. According to the WHO, noise is the second environmental cause of health problems, right behind the air pollution. If Barcelona wants to change its new social and regenerative urbanism, it must take care and protect the citizen. The patios of neighbors should be preserves of silence. The City Council must confront this scourge with determination and promptness. If not, when they ask us to vote, with so much noise, we will be deaf.

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