Demonstrations took place this Saturday in France against the measures of Emmanuel Macron on the vaccination obligation of caregivers and the extension of the health pass to most public places.

“No to the health dictatorship”

Demonstrations took place this Saturday in Paris and other cities in France to denounce the health measures of Emmanuel Macron.

The French president announced earlier this week the vaccination obligation for caregivers, the extension of the health pass to most public places and the end of free PCR tests. One way to encourage the population to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

But these measures do not pass for these French people who denounce a “health dictatorship” and call for respect for freedoms.

Measures yet approved by nearly 7 French out of 10 according to a survey.

The far right at the head of the procession

In Paris, one of the processions was led in particular by a figure of the extreme right Florian Philippot, candidate for the next presidential election, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the leader of the “Debout la France” party, and Jacline Mouraud, a former muse of the “yellow vests” movement.

The Prime Minister’s counteroffensive

While traveling to a vaccination center in Bayonne, in the Basque country, French Prime Minister Jean Castex insisted on the importance of vaccination to overcome the pandemic and regain life before:

“Vaccination protects. Vaccination will make us even more free to do a certain number of things and this is the subject of the discussions we had about the deployment of the health pass, in particular the preparation of the next step which will have take place on July 21. “

40% of the vaccinated population

While the departures on vacation are in full swing, the highly contagious delta variant is progressing in France with nearly 5,000 new infections daily on average over the last 7 days, against around 2,000 two weeks ago.

54% of the French population received at least one dose of vaccine, 40% both doses, according to data from Our world in data

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