No release for the dangerous kidnapper

A woman who kidnapped her 8-year-old niece over an inheritance dispute in June 2019 has been denied parole because she still poses “an unacceptable risk” to society.

“You also recognized that without proper treatment, you posed a danger to society,” reads the March 17 parole board decision.

The 57-year-old woman, who cannot be named so as not to identify her victim, is serving a sentence of 2 years and 5 days for kidnapping and forcible confinement of a minor, as well as for disguise with criminal intent.

On June 4, 2019, she forced her little niece into her car who was walking to school in Laval. She identified herself under a false name, wore a wig and sunglasses.

His bound victim

An Amber alert had been triggered. Police officers from Richelieu–Saint-Laurent recognized and arrested the fugitive a little later in Beloeil, on the South Shore. The child had her hands tied, but was not injured.

In a letter to the Commission, the one who was diagnosed with borderline personality and adjustment disorder maintained that she had never “wanted to harm a child on purpose”.

The 50-year-old executed this plan to satisfy “a desire for revenge” towards her brother, the father of the victim.

She had been angry for years because of their father’s legacy.

Since her incarceration, prison workers consider that she has demonstrated difficulties in managing anger, aggressiveness, impulsivity and interpersonal relations.

His reactions are “uncontrollable and aggressive, even violent”.

“Your behavior may still be refractory and relationship conflicts with your fellow prisoners are also present,” we can read.

Not aware

The woman has been the subject of two written notices and eight disciplinary reports, relating to her language towards staff, her involvement in fights, her refusal to comply and damage to property.

His behavior has also earned him three transfers of units, the most recent having occurred at the end of February.

“Your potential for aggression is significant and you don’t seem to be fully aware of it. […] It seems that you become aggressive when things don’t go your way.

Although she has expressed remorse, the kidnapper can no longer have contact with her victim and her parents. His reintegration potential is assessed as “moderate”.

She had no history.

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