No plan for the return of King Juan Carlos

The news that the prosecution not going to sue John Charles I has relieved the emeritus, according to sources from his environment, although the monarch is still pending the investigation of the Tax Agency on the two regularizations which he did for more than five million euros. The concern about this issue that is still ongoing and the delay in the closure of the public prosecutor’s office, which he leaked five months ago that he would take that step, have led the monarch haven’t made any decision yet about where you want to stay when you decide to return to Spain.

“There is neither plan A nor plan B nor plan C. There is no plan”, they affirm in the Moncloa

The king Juan Carlos He has not communicated to his son, Felipe VI, nor to any intermediary with the Government of Pedro Sánchez where he will want to live when he returns. sources of the Operetta and the Executive consulted by this newspaper, and who will be in charge of putting this device into operation, assure that they have not received any indication on that issue that affects the emeritus. In any case, both institutions point out that, when it manifests itself, the logistics will be organized “diligently”. “It’s not a problem,” they add.

“There is neither plan A nor plan B nor plan C. There is no plan”, they affirm in the Moncloa. People close to Juan Carlos confirm that the monarch has not clarified to those close to him if he prefers to stay in a house donated by friends or if he opts for a state heritage building. The emeritus has assumed, according to these sources, that he will not be able to return to live permanently in Spain, but will spend “seasons” and his residence will continue to be abroad, for now, in the United Arab Emirates.

The former head of state’s lawyer says that next week he will report on his possible return

The former head of state had indeed shown his interest in returning to the Palacio de la Zarzuela at least in a symbolic way, not even for a few hours, the first time he set foot in Spain again. He wears 19 months living in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), housed in a residence that has lent him the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Naan, crown prince of the country. he has only done some outings to other countries to spend a few days on vacation. Initially, the Zarzuela complex, which was his home for almost 58 years, was ruled out as accommodation to maintain the (physical and emotional) distance that father and son put in between in August 2020, after they were published numerous reports about the unknown fortune of Juan Carlos I. It so happens that his wife, Queen Sofía, continues to live in one of the complex’s buildings. In this year and a half the visits of her two daughters, Cristina and Elena, have transpired, but there is no record that she has gone to visit Sofia.

Silence in the Zarzuela

According to the farewell letter he sent Felipe VI on those dates, he went abroad to facilitate his work as head of state and give him “tranquility” and “calm”. In that letter, the emeritus also wrote that it would be a temporary solution (“I inform you of my thoughtful decision to move, at this time, out of Spain”). Now that moment is closer, although it is not yet known how much.

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The Head of State did not want to make any official comment on the decision of the prosecution and sent to Javier Sanchez-Junco, Juan Carlos I’s lawyer. The news arrives in a week in which there are many other sources of informative intensity, such as, above all, the war in Ukraine and also the PP crisis. Despite the filing of the proceedings, Supreme Court prosecutors who have investigated the monarch have found numerous tax irregularities and say that they cannot prosecute them because he committed them when he was inviolable (before the abdication), he has corrected them with the regularizations he made (and that the Tax Agency officials are verifying that they are “complete and truthful”) or there is a lack of evidence to charge him.

Sánchez-Junco issued a statement in which, in addition to stressing that the conduct of his client has not been “susceptible to criminal reproach”, affirms that “next week” he will analyze in depth the file of the public prosecutor’s office and will also report on “the decisions that the monarch may take” on his return. A way to give yourself time to analyze the impact on society of the prosecution’s decision.

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