The Middlesex-London Health Unit is reporting 108 new lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 over the past few days and no new deaths.

Of the new cases, 38 were from Saturday, 44 were from Sunday and 26 were reported Monday.

In hospital, London Health Sciences Center (LHSC) staff are caring for 35 inpatients with COVID-19 with five or less in the adult ICU.

There are five or fewer COVID patients in Children’s Hospital with five or fewer in Pediatric Critical Care.

LHSC reports that the outbreak at Victoria Hospital Sub-Acute Medicine has been resolved while the outbreak at University Hospital U4 Medicine 100 and low 200 wing is ongoing.

There are also 138 staff at LHSC who have currently tested positive for COVID-19 and 54 staff at St. Joseph’s Health Care.

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