No more fees on transactions on the Disnat brokerage platform?

While the National Bank recently abolished commission fees on the purchase and sale of shares On its online brokerage platform, users of the Desjardins Disnat platform say that their transactions are now free.

Many Internet users have written to the platform to request the cancellation of the fees in the last few days. On a Facebook group of Quebec stock market investors, some mentioned having had confirmation that it was now a done deal.

“We analyze this offer very carefully, but know that our clientele is important to us, so from now on, your account is coded for any transaction in shares and [fonds négociés en Bourse] via the web at $ 0.00 ”, is it written in an email dated Tuesday and addressed to a Disnat user with whom The duty spoke.

But many are still waiting for a return. Sign that the platform receives a lot of requests, an automatic response to an email that The duty sent mentions that if the question “relates to commissions at $ 0.00”, the request will be processed “within the next 72 hours”.

The Desjardins media relations team was unable to provide more details when contacted on Friday at the end of the day.

Several brokers like Robinhood or Wealthsimple already offer commission-free services. Faced with this trend, the National Bank announced on August 23 the abolition of fees for transactions carried out online. “With this announcement, BNCD is currently the only direct brokerage firm affiliated with a Canadian bank to abolish its commissions on stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for all transactions carried out online on the Canadian and American markets” , then wrote the banking institution in a press release.

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