• Rashel Díaz confessed in an interview and talked about whether he will return to Telemundo
  • The former Telemundo host spoke about whether she continues her friendship with Adamari López
  • Rashel Díaz expressed his opinion on the change from ‘Un Nuevo Día’ to ‘Hoy Día’

Hello mijos and mijas, here is your little comadrita LA CHACHA rejuvenated, fresh and ready to spread the word because I have finished my cleaning, so I deserve to lie down on the couch and tell you a little gossip and this time everyone who loves my Rashel is interested Díaz, because they asked him about Telemundo, about ‘Hoy Día’ and even about my little girl Adamari López.

You can see that the mijita was almost kicked out of Telemundo about 7 months ago and then everyone did not give credit to the misfortune that she had left ‘A New Day’, already turned into ‘Hoy Día’ and well, a lot people criticized, exploded and shut down the channel forever.

A few days ago it turned out that the mijita reappeared in the competition, Univisión and in Despierta América and they made me cry and they paid her a tribute and how many things and well, the rumors were unleashed of whether she would join that place, the program and so on. , and well now People en Español chatted with her about her former colleagues.

Pay attention because you are going to find out if she returns to Telemundo, what she thinks about the change of the program to ‘Hoy Día’ and if she is still just as close and being friends with my little girl Adamari López.

Through his Instagram account, People en Español, he shared an interview and tell him that my little girl Rashel Díaz said that she did not see the first program of ‘Hoy Día’, but not because it seemed ugly to me, but because she says that she does He exercises from 6:30 in the morning and works until 10 and he says that when he returns home he no longer gives him a chance, but that he had a chance to see pieces on social networks.

And well, what did the mijita think of the change in the Telemundo program? As expected, she does not want anything else for ‘Hoy Día’ other than a lot of success and that she is ecstatic by the change they have given to the show and more because she says she knows perfectly the team that is behind everything and wishes them the best of the world, he even said that it is a good proposal, better than what they did in ‘A New Day’ and that super moved millets …

Rashel Díaz returns to Telemundo to Hoy Día? (Instagram)

Of course, my Rashel Díaz said that people are going to have to get used to this new news proposal above entertainment, but that he wishes ‘Hoy Día’ and Telemundo all the success in the world … With that he slapped them with white gloves to those of that company who kicked it out of me.

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People expressed their opinion about what Rashel Díaz said in the Instagram of People in Spanish and wrote the following: “They should hire her at Univision”, “Let her come back and set her conditions”, “Please have DIGNITY !!!”, “Univision is waiting for her and she shines more there”, “Let her leave and run to the ridiculous dwarf Ada “,” All television stations are the same. They are used for a while and then run. But Telemundo, it goes bad every day. That program lacks more ”,“ Hopefully this happens, because Telemundo has made a super, but SUPER great mistake of having cast one of the best presenters that the network has had since 2008 since the program of the mornings. Chiqui and Adamari are doing very well in Hoy Día, but it is not the same without Rashel. So I hope this can happen very soon ”.

But is it that Rashel Díaz returns to Telemundo and is still a friend of Adamari López? Keep reading the gossip to tell you millets …

Well, in the same interview that my mijita Rashel Díaz had for People en Español, they asked her the direct question of whether she would return to Telemundo and she was very forceful, millets:

“I felt that my cycle in Un Nuevo Día was over, that I wanted to continue growing, with more challenges ahead, so it depends on the project”, the mijita was very blunt and without resentment against the company for how they took it out .

Rashel Díaz says that she left good relations with Univisión and with Telemundo and that she never ended up fighting with anyone, but that it will depend on the proposal they make to her and the project to decide whether or not to return to either of the two companies …

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So, Univisión and Telemundo are getting on with it because Rashel Díaz definitely has his people, his audience, and many are upset since they no longer see her on television.

And well, something else they wanted to know was also revealed by milles … After Un Nuevo Día came out, is Rashel Díaz still friends with Adamari López? keep reading …

Rashel Díaz thinks of 'Hoy Día' and Adamari López (IG)

Rashel Díaz thinks of ‘Hoy Día’ and Adamari López (IG)

Naturally, they were not going to leave the gossip out in the interview with my Rashel Díaz and they asked her if she is still a friend of Adamari López and how is her relationship with her former colleagues from ‘Un Nuevo Día’ and she confessed it.

He assured that he is still in contact with my little girl Ada and also with Chiquibaby, he says that it is more a friendship relationship because obviously they no longer work together, and they no longer share so much on social networks, he even said that Chiquibaby’s husband was going to playing golf with Rashel’s husband, but if working together they didn’t see each other out of the program as they wanted, now less …

And so that everyone is calm, she said that by text messages the relationship with her former colleagues continues and that a contract with a program will never determine her friends …

Awww my little Rashel so focused and I think she’s more mature and cute right now that she’s not on the screen, so let’s hope she better focus on doing things on social media because then she is pigeonholed on television doing the same.

Rashel Díaz returns to Telemundo?  Are you still a friend of Adamari López?  (IG)

Rashel Díaz returns to Telemundo? Are you still a friend of Adamari López? (IG)

So there are they have millets, what Rashel Díaz said and whether or not he returns to Telemundo and if he is still a friend with Adamari López.

That is all the gossip today, you read, comment and share that I always read them and I thank you for being on the lookout … Take care, blessings and get down to eating and cleaning! Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!

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