No, it was not a Champions League match

Now it’s nice to see Barça. It is worth being lazy, excusing yourself with some gastric discomfort, before a call for a dinner away from home in case it coincides with a Barça match. Until relatively recently, this was not the case. With other coaches, a Barça game could resemble a leaden movie, Dogma roll and such. There was no need to sacrifice social plans, anger anyone. The change in expectations is an undoubted merit of Xavi and also of all those who have taken part in reinforcing the squad in January.

Even so, yesterday it was necessary to do notable stimulation exercises to resist the match against Galatasaray. Slap your face a little, prick your thigh, say to yourself: ‘come on, come on, come on…’ After the superb banquet at the Bernabéu, yesterday’s Europa League looked like boiled rice, past pasta, vegetables without salt. The Barça team came out as if they were aware of playing a minor competition, a feeling underlined by so many changes in the line-up. His staging was bland, indigestible.

The fall of PSG

Such a caked-up show prolonged the reverie of the Champions League 24 hours earlier, delighting us with the elimination of that unpleasant monstrosity of petrodollars and ‘petrodolores’ that is PSG, whose misfortune distracted us from the songs to the glory of Madrid and the happy gene.

Of that eliminatory one only regrets the sinking of Leo Messi. Not so much for the result as for the fact of verifying that he has already lost a couple of gears. It hurts to see that not even his genius is eternal, damn mortality. It does not bother, on the other hand, to discover the arrogant frustration of the sheikh Al-Khelaififootball villain, who will always have to be thanked for never giving in to the megalomaniac pretensions of Bartomeu to retrieve Neymar, a caricature of the Brazilian himself. How deep, even deeper, the economic hole would be.

Not so fast process

No, a Champions League game was not seen at the Camp Nou. It took him a while for Barça to cheer up and get rid of the official football that he displayed on the pitch from the beginning. With the changes of the second part, the lively rhythm recovered a little. Only a little. adama He was the only one who stirred up some very static Barça players, although he got fed up with both dribbling and crossing to nowhere.

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But in general the feeling of a relapse remained, that the cold is not completely cured. Who believed that the ascending line was already the only possible one, he discovered yesterday that the thing is not going that way. Football maturity is a progressive process with occasional power outages. Before Galatasaray he groped too long in the dark.

It is evident that if any fan canceled a game dinner at the last minute to see the meeting with hope, he was wrong. He is not always right. Perhaps in the second leg Barça will recover the Champions style. It is Thursday. Although after what was seen yesterday, it is understood that alternative plans are organized

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