No evidence yet that vaccines do not protect against serious omicron disease: University of Oxford

The Oxford University said Tuesday that there was no evidence that vaccines did not prevent serious disease of the omicron variant, but that she was prepared to rapidly develop an updated version of her vaccine developed with AstraZeneca if necessary.

Earlier on Tuesday, the director of drug maker Moderna said Covid-19 vaccines were unlikely to be as effective against the new variant, shaking global markets.

The Oxford University stated that the data on omicron was limited so far and that it would carefully assess the impact of the variant on its vaccine, echoing a statement from AstraZeneca from last week.

“Despite the emergence of new variants in the last year, vaccines have continued to provide very high levels of protection against severe disease and so far there is no evidence that omicron is different,” he said in a statement.

However, we have the necessary tools and processes for the rapid development of an updated Covid-19 vaccine if necessary. “

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