While Federal Minister Karina Gould announced the implementation of a coupon system to better manage the queues of people wishing to obtain their passports, the situation has changed for citizens who were waiting in the rain at the Complexe Guy- Favreau in Montreal.

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Hundreds of people were still lined up all around the Federal Building on Thursday morning. No coupon was given Thursday morning, the agents will instead go outside, prioritizing people according to their flight time.

“They’re going out to make triage a priority for people traveling today. You have to calm down, they’ll be out in a minute. Please stay in the lines so they can deal with everyone,” said a security guard with a megaphone, circulating to make sure everyone got the message.

Involved citizens also take the floor by trying to support the security officers, giving directives, and making homemade lists.

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“I was there yesterday, I was there on Monday, then it’s catastrophic. The system seemed to be fine until control was lost,” laments a citizen who was trying to get involved in the organization.

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Most of the people in line had to brave the heavy rain during the night, good news, mobile toilets have been installed to facilitate their waiting.


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