No camping behind the Mam’zelle Maria canteen

The municipal council was to adopt its by-law governing the development of camping in three areas of its territory during a special meeting on Monday evening.

The intention of the elected officials was to adopt separate requirements for the restaurant sector, which caused a lot of ink to flow during the public consultations held last month.

The extraordinary meeting of the municipal council of Maria was held on Monday evening at the community center. A dozen citizens were present.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Roxanne Langlois

However, Mayor Jean-Claude Landry instead announced that this zone would be completely removed from the regulations. The elected official explained that this decision was taken by majority.

The municipal council is there to administer a municipality for the citizens. If there is no acceptability [sociale] on the part of the citizens, the council must make decisions accordinglyexplains the chosen one, who specifies that Maria is nevertheless not closed to new projects.

Mayor Jean-Claude Landry was applauded by the citizens present when he announced that the city council was removing zone 20 from its regulations authorizing camping.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Roxanne Langlois

A total of 55 citizens have put their signatures on in the referendum approval process that concluded last week. Twelve signatures were needed for the municipal administration to return to the drawing board.

Mayor Landry believes that the message sent could not be clearer.

We realize that people in the sector were really against the project, so we accept the popular verdict. »

A quote from Jean-Claude Landry, Mayor of the Municipality of Maria

The owners of the Mam’zelle Maria snack bar had presented their project to the citizens of the sector in May 2021. An outcry, notably instigated by a citizen, Julien Cyr, then took place.

Julien Cyr has lived on rue des Hérons for five years.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Fears relating to the loss of tranquility in the neighborhood and the increase in traffic were raised on several occasions during meetings between elected officials and residents of the area.

Mr. Cyr said he was relieved at the end of the meeting on Monday evening.

It is all the citizens of the areas bordering the camping development project who are happy this evening. »

A quote from Julien Cyr, resident of rue des Hérons

For him, this mobilization has helped create a community spirit in the neighborhood. The citizens concerned have learned to get to know each other better and to work together.

This cause was not necessarily positive at the base, but had positive repercussions on the climate in the neighborhoodlaunches the father of the family.

A sword in the water

The co-owner of the Mam’zelle Maria canteen, Olivier Guité, was present on Monday evening.

The co-owner of the Mam’zelle Maria canteen, Olivier Guité.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Roxanne Langlois

While he said he was happy to see that Maria’s elected officials are listening to their citizens, the businessman did not hide his disappointment, describing his recent steps as a sword in water.

The only disappointing side is that they welcomed me with open arms, that they opened the doors for me only to close them after that. […] That’s life, let’s move on. »

A quote from Olivier Guité, co-owner of the Mam’zelle Maria canteen

The entrepreneur acquired the restaurant, which is very popular with local citizens and tourists in 2021. Mr. Guité, however, assured that the abandonment of the camping project did not jeopardize the profitability or the sustainability of the establishment. . We’re going to move on to boost the restaurant’s saleshe added.

The owner of the canteen ensures that the abandonment of the camping project does not jeopardize the continuation of the activities of his snack bar.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Roxanne Langlois

The notice of motion, given by the municipal council in May 2021, when the project was presented to the citizens, would have allowed the establishment of camping-type accommodation in this sector.

The municipal administration finally decided to cancel it, preferring instead to opt for a by-law relating to the development of campsites throughout the territory.

The first version of this regulation was adopted last month. However, the municipal administration had made known its intention to make changes.

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