Nissan will stop producing cars at its plants in Barcelona

The automaker Nissan this Thursday will put an end to its production at its plants in Barcelona, which will close on December 31, at a time when discussions on the future of the industrial complex and its 3,000 workers continue, agreeing sources indicated.

The last vehicle will leave “in the day” on Thursday, before the last production line still in operation stops, a member of the reindustrilization commission, created in 2020 to try to find a future for the enormous Nissan complex.

The definitive closure of the site, which occurred before the Covid-19 pandemic about 200,000 vehicles a year will take place on December 31, said this source. It will be the end of 41 years of activity of the industrial complex specialized in the construction of off-road vehicles.

“I am very saddened by the closure of Nissan,” said the general secretary of the UGT union, Pepe Alvarez, who denounced “a great slaughter to the workers” by the company.

“We have to find a project to resume activity in the free zone,” he stressed.

The Japanese group, ally of the French constructor Renault, announced the closure of the plants in Barcelona (northeast of Spain) in the boreal spring of 2020, a decision, taken at a time of serious economic difficulties for the company, which caused irritation among workers.

After a first round of negotiations, Nissan agreed to postpone the closure of the complex to the end of 2021. The objective was to find buyers for the three plants that make up the industrial complex (Zona Franca, Sant Andreu and Montcada).

But fifteen days after the closure, the uncertainty about the future of the facilities continues.

The Chinese Great Wall Motors (GMW), which made an offer at the end of September for the main plant, announced on Monday that it was withdrawing from the project.

“This is bad news,” said the member of the reindustrialization commission, who considered this offer the strongest. But “there are other projects” that are under study, according to the source.

Several logistics companies have shown interest and the reindustrialization commission meets on Friday to study options.

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