Nissan will bet on promoting electric vehicle technology in Mexico

With an investment of 18,000 million dollars that will be allocated to its electrification strategy for the next five years, Nissan Motors announced that Mexico will be the first country in Latin America to have the technology e-Powersince our country represents one of the 5 most important markets worldwide for the Japanese brand.

Visiting Mexico, Ashwani Gupta, director of operations and performance of Nissan Motors Co, confirmed that the technology e-Power In our country it will be available next May. “Mexico is important for its profits and sales. Mexico is the number one priority when it comes to technology and digitization,” he stated.

The Vice President of Manufacturing at the plant nissan In Aguascalientes, Joan Busquet, said that as a result of the pandemic and the lack of semiconductors, a “difficult” situation was faced for the production of cars worldwide, in which “we had to make difficult decisions regarding leaving some markets. , also take out some models, plans and we adapt”. In the case of Mexico, it adjusted its Versa production and completely moved it from Cuernavaca Morelos to Aguascalientes.

nissan trusts that conditions exist to produce sustainably, and that Mexico will not close the doors to renewable energy.

“No country will close the doors to renewable energies, in the end the technology is investigated and technologies for renewables and not only combustion are coming, and a transition must be made, some take more or less and we all have to adapt,” he considered. Vice President of Manufacturing nissan.

In an interview after the event, Joan Busquet insisted that the brand adapts to the situation of each country, “because the electrical reforms, in all parts of the world there are reforms if they arrive, well you adapt, because we have a plan for the year 2050 of zero emissions and we are running and consuming less C02”.

He said that producing electric cars in Mexico will correspond to the demand, we have magnificent facilities to adapt them. But today the important volumes are internal combustion.

However, “electrification is not an objective but a consequence, and what is Nissan’s role then in electrification? It is how we make the customer’s option or decision naturally easier towards an electric vehicle, that is what we are going to do We are not going to decide that tomorrow we are going to make only electrified vehicles because I am not the one who decides”, added the director of operations and performance of Nissan Motor Co..

Mexico will be the first country in Latin America to be electrified, “it is not about Europe, or Japan, or China, or North America. It is about Mexico and that is why we come with e-Power, in the month of May 2022 we will be sharing all the specifications”, said Ashwani Gupta.

Nissan has developed an “intermediate” technology called e-Power, which offers plug-free, gasoline-assisted electric driving. Thus, the vehicle with an electric motor does not require a huge battery or power outlets; but of a small engine powered by gasoline, whose mission is not to drive the wheels, but to generate energy so that the electric motor is the one that moves the vehicle.


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