Nintendo could be making a new Switch controller, hopefully without the Joy-Con drift

According to a recent FCC filing, there is a possibility that Nintendo is working on a new controller for the Switch.

The presentation, first discovered by Vooks, Features the ‘HAC-O43’ model code, which is just one number higher than Nintendo’s SNES Controller for the Switch. The only other things we know about the gamepad are that it uses Bluetooth, consumes more power than current Joy-Cons, and depending on The edge, look different in some way.

However, apart from this, the gamepad is a bit of a mystery and the photos included in the presentation are listed as “confidential”.

Nintendo may be working on a new version of its Joy-Cons that doesn’t have the dreaded drift problem. On the other hand, this could be a successor to the excellent Switch Pro Controller or possibly an entirely new gamepad designed for the OLED Switch launch in October.

It’s unclear if the OLED Switch Joy-Cons have been redesigned to solve the gamepad drift problem, although early indications are that they are identical to the standard Switch Joy-Cons.

In other Nintendo-related news, the gaming giant added Bluetooth audio support to the console more than four and a half years after its launch in 2017. I guess Bluetooth coming to the Switch is better late than never, right?

Source: FCC Via: Vooks, The edge

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