Nine years in prison for sexual assault and mistreatment of his blind stepdaughter in Castellón

The Second Section of the Castellón Provincial Court has sentenced to nine years in prison, for a continuing crime of sexual assault on a minor under 16 years of age with prevaluation and another of mistreatment common in the family environment, a man who subjected to touching through the use of force to the daughter, minor and with a disability, of his sentimental partner.

The Chamber imposes the payment of compensation of 15,000 euros to the victim, blind, for the moral damages she suffered, as well as the prohibition of approaching less than 500 meters or communicating with her by any means for a total of 20 years.

The convicted person is also disqualified from exercising any profession or trade, whether paid or not, that entails regular and direct contact with minors for six years and must comply with a measure of probation for the same period.

The man lived with his sentimental partner and her daughter, with respect to the one he was acting as stepfather, in a home in Castellón. According to the account of proven facts of the sentence, initially the defendant treated the girl correctly, who suffered from a 80% visual impairment and a language disorder.

However, when the victim turned 14 years old, the prisoner began to subject her to constant acts of physical violence and against her moral integrity.

The facts

The man took advantage of the moments in which the mother was absent from the house for work reasons to punch her in the face, kick her legs and squeeze the neck of the minor, who on one occasion he also hit with a belt on the back.

In addition, according to the court ruling, he took advantage of the fact that the girl was helpless to intimidate her with humiliation and insults.

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In the year 2017When the victim was 15 years old, on at least two occasions, the man threw her to the ground in a common area of ​​the house, placed himself on top of her to overcome her resistance, and touched and squeezed her intimate areas.

The condemned man told him that he did this to play games or to teach him ways to protect himself from men. The sentence is not final and can be appealed before the Civil and Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community.

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