Nightlife and restaurants suffer an avalanche of ticket refunds and cancellations

In nightlife and restaurants there were hopes that the Justice did not endorse the controversial curfew with which Catalonia it stands out from other autonomies to combat the pandemic. That option would have allowed at least restaurants to save the Christmas campaign. But the “harshness” of the measures has pulverized all expectations, and has opened an avalanche of demands for return of tickets for nightclubs (New Year’s Eve) and cancellations of reservations in restaurants and hotels.

The leisure and restaurant federation Fecasarm has also announced that on Monday it will present contentious administrative appeal against restrictions capacity and closures, which they consider “disproportionate and not essential.” The group believes that the vaccine is also being discouraged among the youngest – “we were a strategic ally” – and estimates only the losses on New Year’s Eve in 75 million for each sector, so the aid of 20 million offered by the Government “will not cover anything,” laments its secretary general, Joaquim Boadas.

The measures of the Government already provoked on Tuesday a harsh and unanimous rejection by all the employers of both sectors, although they trusted that the TSJC would overthrow the cut hours and meetings. They have waited until the end to call off celebrations. Thus, the New Years Eve, its most profitable date of the year, runs out of nightlife, but also leaves restoration on the edge of the precipice. Who wants to dine away from home to have to run home like Cinderella after 12 chimes? They wonder.

Frustrated tourism

Christian Compte, President of Fecalon, which brings together Catalan entertainment venues, is one of the businessmen who anticipated a pseudo New Year’s Eve at dawn to say goodbye to their customers in the Totem room of Tarragona. He feels devastated by the new closure, which he considers “unfair and useless.” “People already call to get the amount of the tickets refunded, and we had almost everything sold,” he complains. The same happens in restaurants and hotels in the area, especially in Salou, which many French travelers expected, he adds.

This representative, like others, censures the “radicality” of the Catalan measures with respect to the rest of the communities. “We do not know what the Government is playing, which continues to hide that the focus of infections is now in the schools, where it does nothing. “The entity, as well as the Gremi de Discoteques de Barcelona i Província, continued to analyze the judicial document this afternoon, because it presented them with various doubts.

Various sources hotel consulted in Barcelona by this newspaper also allude to the cancellation of reservations that have not stopped taking place since the measures were announced, by foreign tourists who planned to come to the city to say goodbye to the year, when the establishments reach a high occupancy.

unvoiced agapes

For Roger Pallarols, CEO ofl Barcelona Restoration Guild, “the worst Christmas scenario has been confirmed, with decisions that no one follows in the rest of Spain and that now make no sense with 80% of the population vaccinated.” The anger of the sector – also affected by the trimmed gauges– It has been increasing with the statements of those responsible for Health, which were translated into cancellations for company dinners first, and now for group reservations for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, both for Schedule as in the cases of families that add up more than 10 members.

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“Catalonia once again leads the restrictions without its health balance being better than others, and instead it is at the tail of the economic recovery. The Generalitat chooses the business death“, he has intervened. The employer has demanded aid for the value of 730 million, at a rate of 3,000 per worker and self-employed, to face the crisis. He also asks the government central “a unitary response in the area of ​​anticovid measures that ends the discrimination that the restoration and citizenship live in Catalonia “.

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