Nightlife and restaurants say that the Government has given the “final blow” to the Christmas campaign

In a historical image, the various patrons of nightlife and restaurants have joined forces and unanimous criticism this Tuesday against the new restrictions announced this Monday by the Government on the occasion of the rebound in covid infections. The group feels once again criminalized, but is outraged by the “unilateral” decision, qwhich in his opinion will lead to a new stage of massive bottles plus it is not accompanied by financial aid.

One by one, the representatives of the sector have been pouring accusations about the way of proceeding of the Generalitat. “We are the champions of opening the activity later and closing it before anyone else “, David López, president of Fecasarm, has ironic, lamenting that “they have not been able to even wait for tomorrow’s meeting with the Government.” “It has been with treachery and nocturnal, arbitrary and improvised“, he pointed out, at a time when they had already been sold thousands of New Year’s Eve tickets. Some sources point out that in Barcelona they could be 200,000 so far.

“Full refrigerators” and no business

The director of the Barcelona Restoration Guild, Roger Pallarols, added that the measures put the “lunge at the Christmas campaign” in a sector sector that accumulates serious losses due to the pandemic and that now sees ruined the most profitable week of the year. He has demanded that the Government “rectify” and summon those affected to dialogue. Otherwise, they will challenge it “everything” before the TSJC, he stressed.

Once again, the precipitation leaves them with “full refrigerators” and no business, orpineapple. “The tertullian Argimon has loaded the campaign” with his interventions in recent weeks, he insisted.

Both the representatives of leisure and restaurants hope that justice does not endorse the new limitations. Fernando Martínez, from Fecalon, explained that The petition for precautionary measures in progress cannot be started until the 27th, as there are non-working days.

For Ramon Mas, President of the Gremi de Discoteques de Barcelona i Província, the proposals of the Catalan Administration sweep away “the best week of the year for the sector”. Consider that covid passports at leisure has served to gain 2% more vaccinated. “We are doing things well, the closure is unfair,” he said, alluding to health data, which are not related to nighttime activity.

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He maintains that thousands of young people will take to the streets again with uncontrolled bottles, or they will go to spend the end of the year in other communities.

Both have pointed to other massive routes of contagion, especially in schools. without acting adequately in this regard, they consider. From Pimec Turismo, Daniel Brasé recalled that these restrictions on catering and leisure collaterally affect other key sectors, such as commerce and tourism, whom they also represent.

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