Nicolás Maduro says he will soon visit Iran and sign new agreements

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said on Sunday that he will visit Iran shortly to advance new cooperation agreements with the country that has become its greatest ally to boost oil production, amid US sanctions.

Iran Y Venezuela, under the watchful eye of Washington, they have strengthened their cooperation since last year. The Maduro administration has received food, refinery parts, condensate and fuel from Iran; while shipping crude oil and other raw materials to your ally. Iran has been key in increasing Venezuelan oil production this year.

“Very soon I will travel to Tehran, to attend this visit that President (Iranian Ebrahim) Raisi has made me, to get to know each other personally, to develop conversations, to sign new agreements, new documents, to accelerate cooperation processes at all levels, “Maduro said in an interview with the satellite news channel Al Mayadeen Español and later broadcast on state television.

Mature He added that he has had two phone conversations with the Iranian president and said they have agreed to work on new plans, without offering details. He did not specify the date for the visit, only indicated that he will seek to accelerate cooperation between the two countries, which he described as “fighters.”

The Venezuelan president pointed out that by 2022, Venezuela plans to reactivate cooperation mechanisms with Arab countries. “In the Arab world they love us, I know, that Arab rulers and peoples love Venezuela“he added.

The tightening of US sanctions since 2019 has affected the commercialization of Venezuelan crude as well as fuel imports, which has exacerbated the gasoline shortage in the South American country.


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