Nicaragua begins trial against oppositionist Cristina Chamorro

Managua. The opposition and former candidate for the presidency of Nicaragua Cristiana Chamorro, under house arrest, will go on trial today for charges that disqualified her from competing as a favorite against the ruling Daniel Ortega, reported a lawyer for her family.

Cristiana, 68 years old and in jail since June 2, is accused by the prosecutor’s office of laundering money, property and assets, and is one of the 46 opponents detained in the framework of the electoral process in November.

“The trial is scheduled for March 3 at the police headquarters of the General Directorate of National Judicial Assistance,” known as the El Chipote prison in Managua, said attorney Maynor Curtis, one of the Chamorro family’s defenders.

Curtis handles the case of Pedro Joaquín Chamorro, who is another of the detained opponents and brother of Cristiana.

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