NFL | It looks like a dynasty

What exactly is a dynasty?

The complex question has upset the greatest intellectuals for centuries. So now is a good time for us to focus on it too.

A few years ago, Machiavelli wrote that a dynasty “is a packed club that spends its time winning” (we are paraphrasing, but it looked like that, from memory). Later, much later, an American TV network broadcast a series called Dynasty, in which we learned absolutely nothing. This is without forgetting the group Kiss, whose disco-style success can be found on an album called… Dynasty.

What does all this mean? Absolutely nothing.

Which brings us to the Kansas City Chiefs, opponents of the San Francisco 49ers in the next Super Bowl, not this Sunday, but the other after. With this other presence on the biggest stage, the Chiefs are in a fourth Super Bowl in five years.

Is that really what a dynasty is? With two rings in four years for the Andy Reid gang, we can argue that yes, it looks like that. A victory in the next Super Bowl would confirm this.

Since the very first Super Bowl in 1967, repeat champions – two years in a row – can be counted on the fingers of both hands: the Green Bay Packers, the Miami Dolphins, the Pittsburgh Steelers (twice), the 49ers , the Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos and New England Patriots have all managed to win back-to-back titles. This is what the Chiefs will aspire to in a little over a week.


The Chiefs return to the Super Bowl after beating the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday.

The worst thing, at least for their rivals, is that the Chiefs are not at the end of the journey. This season, their team was the seventh youngest in the entire NFL, with an average age of 25.5. At 28, Patrick Mahomes was the eighth oldest quarterback in American football this season, but he remains in great shape. In his six-year career as a starter, the Chiefs leader has only missed two games for health reasons. We’ve already established that at this rate, he could have a career even more impressive than Tom Brady’s.

All that to say, the Chiefs could be around for a while, and you’ll have to get used to Taylor Swift.

Other than that, Washington Commanders – we’re never going to get used to that name, are we? – have chosen to hire Dan Quinn as their new head coach.

This is the same Quinn whose defensive genius helped the Packers score 48 points in Dallas not long ago, and this is the same Quinn who was in charge of a club, the Falcons of Atlanta, who found a way to squander a 28-3 lead in the middle of the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Good luck with that.


New Washington Commanders head coach Dan Quinn

Now, for reasons of pure entertainment, we wish that the defensive coordinator position in Dallas would be filled by Bill Belichick, who could then wait in silence, hood on his head, for Mike McCarthy to be crowned outside.

In addition, Belichick and Jerry Jones would form the best duo of villains since Pat Patterson and Pierre Mad Dog Lefebvre, who once made rain and shine at the late Paul-Sauvé center.

Since the masses delight in this column every week, from Brossard to Bangkok, let’s face it, the email box is starting to overheat, ladies and gentlemen.

And no one takes prisoners. As we leave, there is Francine Boivin who asks us if it would be possible to stop mentioning Taylor Swift. The answer is no.

Then there is Luc Girouard, who insists on specifying that he comes from Sept-Îles and who writes, not without a hint of arrogance: “By the time you read this email, the Lions will have devoured the 49ers », a prediction which is reminiscent of the time when Richard Sévigny predicted that Guy Lafleur was going to put Wayne Gretzky in his little back pocket.

Finally, Rémi Morency writes to us from Quebec to tell us that the Ravens “played like bums”, and it is very true.

We take this opportunity to remind the people of Quebec that Alain Côté’s goal was not good.

We recently discussed in this space the price of tickets for this 58e Super Bowl, and with just a week until the big game, a scientific search on StubHub allowed us to see that there are a pair of tickets for sale for $7,990 per ticket. A bargain, with “breathtaking views” but no photos, which is a bit dodgy. Also, a parking space near the stadium costs $318.

It’s going to be the sofa and the TV, ultimately.


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