Governor Andrew Cuomo indicated that the rooms will open at 25% of their capacity and there may not be more than 50 people per room

ENTERTAINMENT | Assigned seating, social distancing and other health precautions to be taken | PHOTO EFE

Film lovers will see movies on the big screen again starting next March 5 in New York City, after almost a year of the closing of theaters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The information was announced via Twitter by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo indicated that the rooms will open at 25% of their capacity and there may not be more than 50 people per room.

“Assigned seats, social distancing and other health precautions will be adopted,” said the governor.

On March 17, New York authorities closed cinemas, theaters, concert halls and stadiums, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that to date has left almost 29,000 dead in the city. The highest number of deaths was registered between March and May.

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According to health and state authorities, the rate of positive tests for the coronavirus in New York City is at its lowest level in several weeks: in the last seven days the average fell to 4.5% against more than 6 % at the beginning of January, after the festivities.

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The decline in cases has allowed the governor to ease restrictions to save many businesses from bankruptcy.

For its part, since last February 12 the restaurants were enabled to receive customers, but they only operate at 25% of their capacity.

At the beginning of the month, the state government authorities also announced the partial reopening of stadiums and large theater halls that have a maximum capacity of 10,000 people. These will only work at 10% capacity.

The Barclays Center stadium will be the first to reopen and it will be for the NBA game of the Brooklyn Nets against the Sacramento Kings this Tuesday, February 23. Only 2,000 spectators can attend.

Likewise, it is planned that this week the reopening of amusement parks, show rooms and eventually summer camps will take place. All this, however, is generated at a time when the country is about to reach the figure of half a million deaths from coronavirus.

With information from AFP.

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