New Range Rover Evoque: the premium SUV for the city and beyond

Having been a pioneer in the compact luxury SUV market, with sales of more than 772,096 units and more than 217 international awards, the new Range Rover Evoque is a sophisticated evolution of the original model. Combining unrivaled Range Rover heritage with the latest technology, the new model has been designed, engineered and manufactured in Great Britain to meet the expectations of today’s customers.

Built on the inspiration of the original model and its recognizable design, the new Range Rover Evoque is a sophisticated evolution of the distinctive and exceptional Coupé silhouette, characterized by its sloping roofline and rising waistline that characterizes the entire Range Rover family.

The extraordinary volume and new proportions are amplified by more pronounced shoulders and muscular wheel arches that aptly combine with the 21-inch wheels to create an unmistakable look of strength and dynamism.

Jewel-like elements such as slimline Matrix LED headlights give it a more sophisticated look, front and rear. Retractable door handles give it a lighter, more sculpted look, while dynamic turn signals create a distinctive badge. Optional R-Dynamic body finishes and copper accents add a unique touch.

Inside, the elegant craftsmanship design integrates clean, cornerless surfaces with select premium materials to create a minimalist, digital interior. It is also possible to choose technical fabrics made from recycled plastics as an alternative to leather, such as Kvadrat wool blends and Dinámica® cloths, or fabrics made from Eucalyptus and Ultrafabrics™. The interior has been designed to be a serene and calm space, ensuring the comfort, well-being and enjoyment of its occupants with technologies such as the Touch Pro Duo system’s double screen and its lightning-fast software, the 16-position electric seats and the of ionization of the passenger compartment, which perfectly complement the increase in interior space.

The footprint of the new Evoque is nearly identical, but built on Land Rover’s mixed-material ‘Premium Transverse Architecture’, allowing it to offer more interior space than the previous generation. The battle or distance between axes is 20 mm longer, and this has allowed it to give it more space for the legs and at the same time increase the spaces where to leave small objects, the glove box is larger and the central compartment now has enough space for a tablet, a bag or bottles. The boot is 10 percent larger (591 litres), being much wider, and can now easily accommodate a cart or set of golf clubs. And if the seats in the second row are folded down, the increase in space reaches up to 1,383 liters thanks to the flexibility of being able to fold them in an asymmetrical 40-20-40 format.

The new architecture has been designed with electrification in mind, with the possibility of being able to count on a 48-volt mild-hybrid version from launch and also has a plug-in hybrid version (PHEV). The new Evoque will be the first Land Rover with this mild-hybrid powertrain. Its operation is based on the recovery of the energy that is normally lost during decelerations thanks to an integrated generator-electric motor system driven by a belt and that stores this energy in a battery located under the passenger compartment. In decelerations from speeds below 17 km/h the motor is disconnected. Once the driver initiates acceleration, the stored energy is used to support the output and thus reduce fuel consumption. The result is a refined, smooth and efficient driving, designed for areas with a lot of traffic, which also means savings in emissions.

The famous Range Rover driving position has leapt into the digital age, with the segment’s first intelligent ‘ClearSight’ rear view mirror, which transforms into an HD video screen. If visibility to the rear is compromised by passengers or bulky items, the driver will simply flip a switch at the bottom of the mirror and the camera at the top rear of the vehicle will show what’s behind the vehicle with a live image. High Definition. In addition, this screen provides a wider field of vision (50 degrees) and superior visibility in low light.

The new Range Rover Evoque is also the first vehicle in the world to feature Ground View technology, which effectively makes the vehicle’s bonnet invisible by projecting a 180-degree image of the vehicle onto the touch screen. ground under the hood. This is useful when you want to park in a difficult area, when driving between curbs in the city or on difficult terrain in the countryside, and is the development of the Transparent Bonnet technology presented by Land Rover in its prototypes in 2014.

The Evoque is the first Land Rover with `Smart Settings´, which use artificial intelligence algorithms to learn from the tastes of the driver and act as if we had an assistant on board. In addition to seating position, music and climate preferences, the Evoque can also control the position of the steering column to maximize ride comfort.

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