New Leon Work Secretariat will cover 5,658 vacations for telework

Monterrey, NL. With the finalization of the impetus of the Teletrabao pilot program for the Decentralization of the Employment in New Leon, a virtual holiday will be held, which will take place on the 20th of February, with a total of 5,658 vacancies in this spring, 10 Veloquio, Secretary of State Work.

Loose employees which are located in sales areas, logistics, technical support Jr., consultant, telephone agent, sales agents, technical support and programmers of Information Technology, in companies Teleperformance, Home Depot, Atelcom, Softtek, Softtek , Totalplay, Jinzai, Conduent de México, Sitel y Transcar.

“We want to create a culture of disconcentration of the work centers Travels of the telecommunications office or home office, this form can be accessed by activities remunerated in places separate from the work centers, debit that the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey concentrates 90% of the residents and we want to read about another 10% that live in the peripheral and rural area ”, the official said.

It is, in fact, benefiting workers that there is a fallout rate of between 2,000 and 3,000 people for displacement from remote areas of the AMM. Ensure that the remuneration ranges from 12,000 to 16,000 monthly pesos.

For activities that are part of this pilot program, have a virtual holiday next February 20th, and those interested in living in New Leon, can send their email information: [email protected], to find whatsapp 8128598298 or listen to the posts posted in the Ciudadano third party post.

In the first week of March we will arrange a capacity for programmers with the regional company Softtek. Carlos Garza Martínez, Director of the State Employment Service, commented: “It’s a project with Softtek, they are laying the platform with programming languages”.

And capacitance programs are implemented for the self-employment and employment with digital skills skills, in the second week of March.

Roberto Riva Palacio Alonso, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Social Responsibility Home Depot, annotó: “in the last two years we will redefine and revise the trends to create safe spaces, from March 2020 the work will be carried out at a distance of 100% of the associates of the central offices, announcing the herramientas de comunic” .

Aggregate that the capacity is realized online that generates horrors in viatics, and to ensure the health is created programs with virtual dynamics. With the vacancy being analyzed that the associates decide if they carry out their activities 100% via remote or in flexible mode“We are in the process of trying to make it right,” said Riva Palacio.

In his vez, Rodolfo Ordorica, director of Human Resources in Teleperformance, commented that with the pandemic moving 80% of staff to their homes in record time, with distance administration, there are many clients with the modality of home office.

“And Nuevo León we have the capacity in English for who can incorporate ”, is realized at this stage because it has a cultural affinity with this idiom, which characterizes the regional mountaineers.


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