New Leon Governorate invests 300 million pounds in Metrorrey maintenance

Monterrey, NL. El gobierno de Nuevo León information that will invest 300 million people in the rehabilitation and maintenance of the lines 1 and 2 of the system of electricity, infrastructure, stations and acquisition of buildings and repairs for the train fleet.

The inversion proposal is summed up for its approval ante el Metrorrey Board of Directorsin a session to celebrate the next 31st year, and is the result of an internal technical analysis and a report on the state of the technology made by an external company.

The technical sheet of Metrorrey Collective Transportation Systemabout the “Projecto de Presupuesto 2022review of critical maintenance “, states that between the concepts of the fiasco installations requires repair of chapters on line 2, repair of tunnel filters, reconstruction of columns in line 1 on the Río Santa Catarina, maintenance of the system of fires on line 2.

As well as luminaire replacement, maintenance on the tunnel ventilation system, refurbishment for catenaries and electrical substations, maintenance on general services of lines 1 and 2, among other concepts.

Cabe mentions that these 24 second user lines of line 2 are affected, debit and that during madrugada there is a rupture in the catenary messaging cable, which is stored in different hours, the stations Anáhuac, Universidad, Niños Héroes, Regina and General Anaya.

To repair Metrorrey’s engineers, unite the cable, repair pieces that result in data, energize the catenary again, and perform the necessary tests to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

Prior to the contingent, the service was merged with 60 units of Transmeterdel Institute for Mobility and Accessibility state, as well as Transportists.

The governing state recognizes that users act with order and respect and does not report any incidents during this process. Also, the work of the authorities of the municipalities of Monterrey and San Nicolás de los Garza, as well as Civil Fuerza, will bring units to the carriages and to ensure safety for passengers and the time to board the trucks.

For that matter, the State Administration has hired a company and employers to support its employees through the inconveniences caused by this fall.

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