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If you need speed and a hot set of wheels to go with you, a new racetrack is in the works to open north of Calgary.

The Rocky Mountain Motorsports race course in Carstairs offers drivers 3.5 kilometers of freshly paved concrete, as well as 16 curves and straights where you can open the engine in a way that could otherwise get you in trouble.

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Drivers must wear helmets and long sleeves, and their vehicles must be considered mechanically sound before they can use the track.

“We’ll go through a verification process to find out where you fit in in terms of beginner, intermediate, expert, whatever,” says runway operations manager Shadi El Hage.

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The Hage says having similarly skilled drivers together on the track will ensure everyone is safe.

The track has been in development for six years and is the exciting project of Rocky Mountain Motorsports president Dominic Young.

“Our level of enthusiasm probably couldn’t be higher,” says Young. “We’re even looking forward to doing some sound checks with some of our members this year if the weather holds up a bit.”

Membership to the track won’t be cheap.

According to Young, there will be three levels of membership, two in the tens of thousands of dollars and the other in the $ 250,000, but that comes with investing in the racetrack.

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The Hage says part of the track’s appeal is giving people a safe place to drive their high-performance cars, while also playing a positive role in reducing illegal street racing.

“One of the key points of the installation is to provide an opportunity for people who have their exotic vehicles that can greatly exceed the speed limits of the city or around the province,” he says.

The track has a few more regulations to meet before its planned opening date in spring 2022.

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