New employment, training and savings, the purposes of Mexicans for 2022

Traditionally, with the new year also comes the planning of new personal and work goals. This is a time when people tend to have a better attitude and greater hope, the professional field is not left out of these objectives.

Among the main purposes of professionals in Mexico for 2022 is the search for a new job, training to develop new skills and income savings, according to the World OCC Labor Thermometer.

The perception of a better environment to look for a job, the high inflation with which the year closed and the increase in the distance education offer are factors that are defining the purposes of the workers for 2022.

According to the report of the job search platform, 37% of workers have the goal of creating a savings plan or invest part of their income as a preventive measure in the face of the high price increase with which they closed 2021.

The intention of professionals to save is understandable in a context in which the previous year ended with an inflation of 7.36%, the highest in two decades, and which reduced the purchasing power of working people.

The improvement of work history It is another of the purposes that Mexicans have for 2022. At least 33% of those surveyed affirm that one of their goals for this year is to look for a new job or a better job opportunity.

“It shows the good spirits and optimism about finding or changing jobs compared to the previous year. And that is also reflected in the amount of Work offers published by companies”, highlights OCC Mundial in its report.

In line with the purpose of obtaining better job opportunities, the development of new skills is one of the goals that the Mexicans surveyed have proposed. 25% of professionals will seek to broaden their knowledge through complementary academic training. To a large extent, this objective responds to the increase in the online educational offer driven by the pandemic and mobility restrictions.

To a lesser extent, but also linked to the labor issue, the time spent with the family or personal activities is another of the objectives in 2022. 5% of professionals will prioritize personal growth seeking to be better in their roles within their family. On a more philosophical note, some have the goal of enjoying their life or changing habits that make them feel more fulfilled.

“Which shows us, without a doubt, the strong impact it has had the pandemic in Mexicans, at the economic, health, professional, personal and mental level, ”said the labor exchange.

Young people and job search

Taking into account that the job search It will be one of the goals of Mexican professionals, understanding the new ways in which candidates seek job opportunities will be key to attracting talent in 2022.

According to the Candidate Preference Survey of the firm Talent Solutions, in our country the youths prioritize the social networks in your job search, followed by virtual job fairs, job board applications, the company website, and direct messages to the recruiter or company.

“This mode of job search has been fueled by the growing use of social media as a platform for news and information, and ads have become a key new way to reach candidates.

The centennials, a generation made up of people born after 1996, use 3.5 times more smartphone apps than other generations to seek and apply for employment.

“Although candidates in Mexico prefer to apply through smartphone applications, the face to face contact during the selection and interview process, it is a key element that gives them certainty in their application since they consider that they can sell themselves better through personal interaction”, says Talent Solutions.

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