New data from the US warns of a possible express invasion of Ukraine

  • According to reports from the Pentagon and intelligence services, Russia could take Kiev in just two days and cause 50,000 victims

New data from Pentagon and the services of intelligence from U.S spread in the last few hours have once again set off alarms about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. It would be, according to these reports, a express invasion. In just two days, troops commanded by Moscow could take the Ukrainian capital, Kyivand would cause 50,000 victimsbetween dead and wounded, and close to five million refugees who would escape the armed conflict to other countries, mostly Poland.

The scenario drawn by this latest analysis, published by ‘The Washington Post’ this Sunday, was explained in meetings held last week between US legislators and high-ranking military and intelligence officials in Washington.

The calculations of an eventual Moscow attack coincide with the troop surge on the border with Ukraine and in neighboring Belaruswhere the Russian Army is carrying out military exercises.

According to the calculations of the intelligence services, until Friday they would have been counted 83 battalions Russians, with approx. 750 soldiers each, prepared for a possible assault. Two weeks ago there were 60 battalions. In addition, to those more than 62,000 soldiers ready to attack, tens of thousands of additional personnel would have to be added to provide logistical, air and medical support.

Washington and Kiev have put some 100,000 Russian soldiers displaced along the country’s border with Ukraine. Another source cited by the ‘Post’ has already raised that number to 130,000.

satellite images

Coinciding with these reports, this Sunday the Reuters agency released satellite images from a private company that showed details of the military maneuvers on the Belarusian border with Ukraine. According to these two countries, the joint exercises will take place from February 10 to 20 with the aim of training to repel an attack on the southern borders of their alliance.

Images from US-based Maxar Technologies showed that military units armed with missiles, multiple rocket launchers and attack aircraft they had been deployed to Belarus in three locations near the Ukrainian border.

Reuters was unable to independently verify the images and neither Russia nor Belarus responded to calls from the agency.

Maxar Technologies said it had collected images of military equipment near Yelsk, Rechitsa and Luninets on February 4. All locations are about 50 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.

The general secretary of the NATOJens Stoltenberg, has described the Russian maneuvers in Belarus as the largest Russian deployment in the area since the Cold War and added that the nuclear-capable Iskander missiles were part of them.


Along the same lines, the White House’s Senior National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivaninsisted in an interview on the Fox network on the imminence of a military attack against Ukraine, although he considered that the diplomacy is still an option. “At any time, Russia could take military action against Ukraine, or it could be in a couple of weeks, or Russia could choose to go the diplomatic route,” she noted.

Sullivan considered that Moscow has different alternatives among which he cited the annexation of the Donbas region, in eastern Ukraine; a full invasion that includes reaching the capital or computer attacks.

Ukraine relativizes the risk of invasion

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After learning of this information, Ukraine urged people to distrust “apocalyptic forecasts”, considering that the possibilities of a “diplomatic solution” with Russia are “far superior” to those of a “military escalation”.

Russia denies any warmongering drift and affirms that it only wants to guarantee its security.

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