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In an effort to warn drivers against drinking and driving this holiday season, Burnaby RCMP is releasing a dash cam video of a recently convicted drunk driver.

The video was taken on January 8, 2021, and captured the drunk driver’s journey as he traveled from Richmond to Vancouver to Burnaby, police said Thursday.

It shows the driver crossing the center line into oncoming traffic multiple times, ignoring other vehicles. The video also shows the driver passing a stop sign and a red light.

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In one part of the video, pedestrians walk through an intersection not far from the vehicle, police added.

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Finally, the driver hits the cars parked on the side of the road and crashes into a fire hydrant.

“We urge everyone to watch this video. This is what drunk driving looks like, ”said Cpl. Michael Kalanj in a press release. “There is no excuse for feeling incapacitated behind the wheel.”

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The Mounties said they were alerted to the situation around 11:57 p.m. that night, as multiple people who called 911 reported that a Cadillac Escalade had crashed near Royal Oak Avenue and Marine Drive.

Damage to the fire hydrant caused water to rush onto the street and nearby houses, but the driver decided to continue.

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Dashcam video shows the driver continuing down the road in an oncoming lane before hitting a stop sign near Gilley Avenue and Marine Drive at around 12:03 a.m. M.

When police arrived, the truck was badly damaged and was missing a tire, RCMP said.

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The driver refused to provide a breath sample and did not cooperate with police.

In August, a 62-year-old Burnaby resident was convicted of drunk driving, police confirmed, and received a one-year driving ban and a $ 1,000 fine.

However, his actions caused an estimated $ 28,000 in flood damage to nearby homes and more than $ 6,600 in property damage for the City of Burnaby, police added.

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“It is shocking that no one was killed or injured, including the driver,” Kalanj said.

“This driver made the decision to put himself and others at risk when he got behind the wheel that night and drove through three cities.”

As part of the holiday season, RCMP urges drivers to plan a safe trip home.

On average, 16 people are killed and 830 injured in 1,500 drunk driving-related crashes in the Lower Continent alone each year, police said.

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