New Crypto Scotty the AI ​​Pumps 100% After Listings as Slothana Meme Coin Presale Nears $1 Million

The meme coin craze is raging, with Scotty the AI ​​(SCOTTY) doubling its price following its recent stock market listings.

Alongside SCOTTY, a new project called Slothana (SLOTH) is also making waves – and approaching the $1 million mark during its ongoing pre-sale event.

SCOTTY Prices Rebound as Speculative Hype Intensifies

Scotty the AI ​​has had a rollercoaster ride after his debut on Uniswap.

The AI-focused token exploded almost immediately, surging over 200% in the first few hours of trading.

While the initial hype died down with the withdrawal of some of the early investors, SCOTTY showed impressive resilience.

Just yesterday, the token exploded again – and is up over 130% in the last 24 hours.

SCOTTY’s latest pump pushed its price to around $0.0227 and its market cap to $20 million.

Nearly 10,000 people hold a stake in the project, while over $880,000 has been locked in liquidity pools on Uniswap.

The project was even listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

However, Scotty the AI’s momentum could accelerate further as the development team has just reached a major milestone: SCOTTY’s first listing on a centralized exchange.

Since this morning, SCOTTY has been tradable on the MEXC, considerably strengthening its accessibility to retail investors.

AI-focused SCOTTY has substance behind the memes

The hype around Scotty the AI ​​goes beyond pure speculation.

SCOTTY developers aim to combine the utility of blockchain with the capabilities of AI – an approach that has resonated with investors.

SCOTTY holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards paid out over three years.

Annual returns are currently 23%, significantly higher than most similar staking protocols.

But staking rewards are only part of Scotty’s AI ecosystem.

The platform also offers “Scotty Chat”, an AI chatbot trained in blockchain data processing methods to serve as a personalized assistant to traders.

There are also plans to launch “ScottySwap”, an AI-powered DEX that will facilitate the seamless exchange of tokens.

Scotty’s AI roadmap is complemented by ideas for play-to-earn (P2E) integration, but details remain scarce.

Not surprisingly, these projects have attracted interest from the business community.

Scotty the AI Twitter account now has over 12,700 subscribers, while his Telegram channel continues to attract hundreds of new members daily.

Through this online support, SCOTTY has positioned itself as a coin with real long-term prospects.

Slothana turns heads with $690,000 pre-sale haul in less than two days

As SCOTTY’s launch continues to attract attention, a new competitor is quickly generating its own buzz.

Slothana and its Solana-based SLOTH token have already raised an impressive $690,000 in just two days of presale activity.

Speculative buyers are clamoring for exposure to this under-the-radar project.

The prospect of holding a hilarious laziness-themed token seems like all the incentive needed – even without complex tokenomics or a comprehensive roadmap.

In recent hours, interesting avenues have opened up for those who wish to get involved in the Slothana project.

The developers added a buy widget directly through the website, meaning investors can connect a Solana-enabled crypto wallet and trade SOL.

Currently, 1 SOL will net investors 10,000 SLOTH tokens.

This accessible entry point seems to intensify the hype even further.

In less than 48 hours, more than 500 people followed Slothana official Twitter channel despite the lack of marketing aggressiveness seen in other meme coin launches.

Investors appear excited about the prospects of SLOTH following in the footsteps of other meme coins, like SLERF (SLERF), which was launched without utility but still produced exponential gains due to speculation alone.

Whether SLOTH can capture the viral energy of SLERF remains to be seen, but with nearly $1 million raised, the project is making its mark in the pre-sales space.

Visit the Slothana presale


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