New Brunswick puppy shows perseverance after surviving nearly a month on a cliff

Penny, a one-and-a-half-year-old border collie-beagle mix, is known for her energy and positive behavior, and after her most recent adventure, the young pup has added tenacious and lucky to her list of attributes.

“She was gone for 24 days, on the side of the cliff, starving,” said Tyler Rossiter, one of Penny’s owners.

“I think the only way she survived is because we had a lot of rain and storms and she was able to get water that way.”

Like many days before, Penny was playing in the field with another dog, except this time she didn’t return.

When its owners realized it was missing, the entire community came together to help.

“We hired a search dog and we even came to this area with the dog and I personally searched this area several times, and a lot of people were walking along the beach and on top of this cliff and no one could see them. Rossiter said.

“It’s not that this area was not searched, it was just in a place where you couldn’t see it.”

Penny went missing at the beginning of March and constant searches were carried out for weeks, it wasn’t until this weekend that a miracle happened.

“When the man called me and told me he had found my dog ​​on the beach, I immediately thought he meant he had found the body, then he said she was alive and I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t get there fast enough,” she said.

A local family was walking their dogs along the cliffs near Waterside Beach. Jim and Tom Martin looked up on cue and saw Penny on the ledge.

A comment from Connie Martin on Facebook helped describe the rescue. Part of it read: “Tom went up the cliff, wrapped her in her sweater and took her to the beach. He tossed Jim his necklace and the owner’s name was on the tag.”

After that, a meeting that Rossiter had almost given up hope of ever having.

“It was incredible. I really couldn’t believe it. I was running, that’s all I remember is running and when [saw] “I was very happy with her,” he said.

“Still, even though part of me thought she was gone, every time I came home I still expected to see her sitting on the step and I knew in my heart that if I could get home, I would. But now I know that she tried, but she physically couldn’t get home.”

Penny is currently at Riverview Animal Hospital receiving treatment.

“He is not yet strong enough to undergo surgery. They had to amputate his leg, he obviously had gangrene from being on the side of the cliff for so long, and it’s a bad situation, but he’s getting better and he looks good,” Rossiter said.

Her other front leg has some stretched tendons that would normally be treated with surgery, but instead Penny will receive a special brace.

Overall, the prognosis is promising and Penny’s family is ready to have her back where she belongs.

“Just to take her home and hold her and hold on to her. “I have gone to visit her every day, but I know she will be glad to get home,” she said.

A GoFundMe was created to help Penny’s owners, Rossiter and Robyn, with their medical expenses.

“She’s super tough and every day I go to the vet she’s starting to get more of her personality back and it’s really nice to see.”

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