Netflix allows eliminating series and movies and media from its ‘Follow me’ section

The ‘streaming’ platform Netflix has introduced a major that allows its subscribers to drill from the section ‘Follow us‘TV series and movies he’s been looking to watch since application for televisions and other platforms.

‘Seguir viendo’ is the detached Netflix app that retrieves all the content that it was forced to watch but it did not end. In addition to all the series and movies, regardless of the time they are dedicated, you should not have a job for borrarlos.

Now, Netflix has added a new option to its ‘app’ for TVs and other platforms such as the web and mobile to retrieve the contents of this list, such as explained the company from its support webpage.

The company assured that it had heard the opinions of many of its members, Expressed on social mediawho do not want the platform to follow the recording programs that he has seen or has no intention of continuing.

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To eliminate a series of ‘Stay alive’, users who select and, from the page options, choose the new ‘Eliminate follow’ function.

This action can be canceled by pulsing the ‘Deshacer’ button, which appears in the adjustment menu if the user decides to delete the content.

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