Neil Young Vs. Spotify

Neil Young retrieve your catalog as a soloist of the digital content platform Spotify. The Canadian music is the first major musical figure to decide to abandon the streaming platform. The dispute, without embarrassment, has nothing to do with the compensatory songs that Spotify offers for musical artists without the sound quality of music or artistic reproduction. Tampoco also has with the recent inversions of the CEO of the company, Daniel Ek, in military defense firms. Neil Young’s Cruise Against Spotify is about unveiling the platform of one of the most popular podcasts in the podcast industry. The culprit of all the two Joe Rogan.

In agreement with Neil Young, Spotify has converted into a lie that has helped to dissipate conspiracy theories and information about such proceedings Covid-19. In the finals of December, a group of 200 spot doctors on Spotify, through an open map, eliminated a chapter of The Joe Rogan Experience with Dr. Robert Malone for “promoting conspiracy theories and its foundations”. The Rogan controversy has generated dissenting opinions by disseminating the ideas of the anti-vacancies, recommending alternative remedies for dudosa effektividad and by being an altavoz of characters from the ultraderecha, with all and sundry discourses and solely ayudan the white rude in the actual climate of disinformation.

The comedian and anfitrión of The Joe Rogan Experience has been converted to one of the most important Spotify apps. Although he started his career as the eccentric patient in the sitcom Newsradio with his character, Joe, he was created to create some other conspiracy theory, Rogan turned into a giant of digital media. In 2021, the Swedish company launched an agreement to exclusively distribute the Rogan valorado podcast in excess of $ 100 million. In more than 1,000 episodes of his acclaimed podcast, Rogan has talked to personalities and celebrities like Elon Musk, followed by numbers like Oliver Stone, Chuck Pahlaniuk, Jordan Peterson, Alex Jones, hasta músicos como Ted Nugent, Snoop Dogg, Jakob Dylan y Maynard James Keenan, to mention some.

En su ultimate, Young arranged with his music or Rogan’s program what he needed to put on the platform, in a decision more related to Spotify’s ethical responsibility by trusting Rogan’s messages. Supported by Warner Music and the Hipgnosis Foundation, which acquired its catalog last year, Young’s music is featured on Spotify and is the first major artist to abandon this platform. As of now, these lines can only be found on Spotify Neil Young’s collaborations with Buffalo Springfield, and the studio albums of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, its celebrities projected for the years to come. Also available are live shows invited to live album Aid, The Bridge School Concerts, The Last Waltz de The Band, Pearl Jam Twenty Bob the Dylan’s Concierge of the 30 Years.

Per his 41 albums in solitaire, including the companies with Crazy Horse, he disappears from Spotify. Please note that Neil Young’s music is not available on any other streaming platforms and is also available on his own site, the Neil Young Archives, if you can access a subscription format. And, of course, Neil Young’s music is in the discs collected by his fans, or so long ago, when he was playing Pono, the Young High Definition Reproducer that has been competing with the iPod for some time.

Political activism has always been one of the standards in Neil Young’s work: from his anthem “Ohio”, the ecological denunciation that is “After the Gold Rush”, has its songs against the invasion of Iraq, the election of George W. Bush is one of the largest corporations like Monsanto.

The opposite posture Spotify implies that no one is willing to take advantage of his own deal and his own gain as an artist. Young people are seeing the same rebellion that they like to approach the current and even if they do not have the best business decisions in the past, they can make these decisions without any problems. Spotify has always been considered the worst of the story, but no artist like Neil Young has reached out to this platform to see more of his own interests.

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