Neil ‘forever’ Young against Spotify, by Pilar Garcés

The impossible has happened. El old rocker le ha cerrado la boca al crecepelo seller. It’s a no-brainer for Neil Young, who’s excited to spot Spotify with his songs and his next album antivacious and negotiable containers. The Daniel Ek music transmission company Daniel Ek has signed a contract worth 85 million euros with Joe Rogana comedian and commentator deportivo de lucha libre cuyo podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience ‘is the most watched platform, with once millions of followers, mayorally young people. In its program encounters high-theorphic radiation theories related to covid-19, including that of a medical practitioner who compared the Holocaust campaign campaign. In one of his explosive speeches a year ago, Rogan recommends doing sports to avoid contagios; when he was sick, he was taken aback by a veterinarian. Ante the reaction of the scientific community to his insinuation, reconciliation: “I am an immoral”, because he did not decimate to his public conscience. But the most disappointing result was that the humorist followed with his diatribes. Días atrás, medical teachers will issue a card to what is required on Spotify that will push some dike to the cataract of disinformation of its star, and help the company to generate a fatal unconsciousness in science. Fue entonces when Neil Young returned to the platform to eliminate the contented negotiators so as to withdraw his songs: «If you sell money in the change room. The youngsters screen that Spotify never provides serious inaccurate information. Unfortunately, there are equivocados. I felt compelled to do something with respect », he explained on his website. If so, have you heard the response of a small company to explain its decisions. He was seconded to his canadian other veterans, like Joni Mitchell, David Crosby and Nils Lofgreny algún joven, como James Blunt.

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I like it emotional this battle favors intelligence, culture and reason and in contrast to the humane plant planted by Young at the age of 76, a marvelous edema for the species but very beautiful for the covid, just look at the statistics. Agranda su leyenda y no se rinde en esta epoca en la que todo vale por un clic; he met in a big liu when he could dedicate himself to celebrating the five decades of his mythical ‘Harvest’ and cover the rights. Recorded for consumers who existen in the market other ethical options for music consumption and if you want to get rid of a dineral eliminate your catalog and contract. But it is not the only one that pays money. The Spotify user base (amounting to 380 million, 172 pages) and its 6% cash flow required the company to announce a new virus-related information policy, which should not be posted on web applications which provides official and reliable information. Not only did Neil Young refuse to share a screenplay with characters who were wearing bolsillos looking for the one-size-fits-all. From the floor the applause Enrique de Inglaterra and Meghan Markle, activists for vacancies, who have signed up with Ek’s platform a million euros agreement to issue content with the Archewell Audio brand. También ellos han mandado un recade a la tecnológica, que deberá mayor mistrate resp la verdad si desea que prosper su negocio, malo para música y peor para la lettra.

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