NDP members resign from Alberta safe drug supply committee, calling it a ‘political stunt’ | The Canadian News

Opposition members say they are resigning from a committee tasked to examine a safe drug supply because they feel it’s a “political stunt” by the Alberta government instead of meaningful work to address spiking overdose deaths.

The committee was struck in December to look at the benefits and consequences of safer alternatives to street-level drugs, and four of its 12 members were NDP members of the legislature.

In a letter sent to House Speaker Nathan Cooper, the NDP caucus says United Conservative committee members are not studying safe supply in good faith.

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The letter references UCP members’ conduct during committee meetings, previous statements made against harm reduction and what the NDP considers to be biased speakers on the topic put forward by the government.

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The Canadian Press has reached out to the government for comment.

About four Albertans are dying from drug poisonings daily, and almost 1,400 deaths were recorded between January and October of last year.

“Instead of studying this important question of public health policy in good faith, UCP members are clearly intent on staging an extended political stunt. This is unconscionable, ”says the letter to Cooper.

“We refuse to take any further part in it.”

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