Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh launched a three-day tour of Alberta with a stop in Calgary on Saturday.

At a pancake brunch in the East Village, Singh told reporters that he wants to help get Alberta’s economy back on track and get people back to work.

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“People want to see a diversification of the economy,” he said. “That’s really important to people and I want to make sure that we do everything we can to support Alberta, to support workers, to get them the jobs they need.”

He also said that the weather has been a priority for the Canadians he has been speaking to.

“The young people I spoke to are concerned about the climate crisis, particularly with many wildfires and floods.”

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Currently, the federal NDP has only one seat in Alberta in the Edmonton-Strathcona pipeline.

But Singh says he believes the tide is turning in his party’s favor and that he is ready for the next federal elections when they are called.

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