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When vandals attacked the Blackville School in Miramichi, NB, this week, they did more than disrespect property.

His actions were particularly hurtful due to the location of the damage.

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An NB high school graduate and the gear dryer he built for the local fire department.

“I was completely shocked,” said Senior Camden Curtis, who came across the vandalism Tuesday.

“It was… very shocking to drive seeing that. It was also very disappointing. “

Tire marks could be seen in the front garden of the school, where two memorials had been placed in recent years honoring three students who had passed away.

One of the students was Thomas Dunn, who died in 2018 after an accident.

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“I lost a close friend here three years ago and we were upset how close (the monument) was to being hit by the people who did it,” Curtis said.

Damage is seen in the front yard of Blackville School.

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School principal Rodney Buggie said the vandalism struck a chord with the entire school community.

“It was certainly heartbreaking because the property that was vandalized has more than just a lawn or a green space,” he said.

After the impact passed, 18 students decided to take it upon themselves to repair the lawn, making the most of a disappointing situation.

“Everyone was a bit surprised to see what had happened. And we wondered why it would happen, but then the discussion turned to how we can help fix it, ”said Layla Hallihan, a senior.

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Teachers, staff, and students will collaborate to repair the damage this week.

Meanwhile, Buggie says police are investigating the vandalism with the help of surveillance video.

“We were able to see the make of the truck and two people when (they were) out of the truck in the parking lot,” he said.

Regardless of whether the culprits are found, graduating students are happy to help their community and preserve the memories of their friends.

“The people who did it should be responsible for fixing it because it’s their damage, but I’m more than happy to help,” Camden said.

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