NB reports one additional death due to COVID-19 on Sunday

New Brunswick reported one additional death related to COVID-19 on Sunday.

According to the province’s online dashboardthe death involves:

  • A person in their 90s from Zone 4 (Edmundston region)

There have been 259 deaths reported in New Brunswick since the start of the pandemic, with more than 96 of those recorded since the beginning of January.

According to the province, 56.64 per cent of the deaths have been in people with partial or no vaccine protection, while 43.36 per cent were “protected,” which public health defines as boosted or fully vaccinated less than six months.


According to the province’s online dashboarda total of 159 people were hospitalized as of Sunday.

Of those in hospital, 75 were admitted due to COVID-19, while 84 were admitted for other reasons, but tested positive for the virus.

Seventeen people are in intensive care with COVID-19 on Sunday. Sixteen patients were admitted to the unit due to the virus, and one was admitted for other reasons, but has tested positive for COVID-19.

Nine people are currently on ventilators in New Brunswick.


There were 154 new PCR-confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported Sunday in New Brunswick.

Officials are also reporting 394 new cases using rapid tests.

The breakdown of the new PCR-confirmed cases by health zone is as follows:

  • Zone 1 – the Moncton region – 54 new cases
  • Zone 2 – the Saint John region – 35 new cases
  • Zone 3 – the Fredericton region – 32 new cases
  • Zone 4 – the Edmundston region – 19 new cases
  • Zone 6 – the Bathurst region – 4 new cases
  • Zone 7 – the Miramichi region – 10 new cases

There are no new cases in Zone 5 (Campbellton region) reported Sunday.

According to the online dashboardthere are 3,554 active cases of the virus confirmed in New Brunswick.


As of Sunday, there were a total of 399 health-care workers who had tested positive for COVID-19 and were isolating.

Here is a breakdown of the health-care workers isolating as of Sunday:

  • Vitalite Health Network – 140
  • Horizon Health Network – 186
  • Ambulance New Brunswick – 73


As of Sunday, 92.3 per cent of New Brunswickers have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, 85.3 per cent are fully vaccinated with two doses of vaccine, and 46.3 per cent have now received a booster dose.

In total, 1,681,114 doses of the vaccine have been administered in New Brunswick.


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