National Pizza Day 2024: Discuss some absurd facts

Is National Pizza Day – so let’s wrap ourselves in the warm, gooey embrace of cheese, settle into a heavenly array of toppings, and dig into a delicious crust.

The celebration takes place every February 9, but it is not the only place on the calendar where there is positive pizza. Still to come: National Cheese Pizza Day (September 5), National Pepperoni Pizza Day (September 20), National Pizza Month (October), and National Sausage Pizza Day (September 11). October).

There’s no doubt about it: people love pizza in all its forms.

Here are some silly pizza facts, helpful tips, and solid opinions to help you eat:

Italy divided by the new pineapple pizza

2024 could be the year pineapple pizza breaks into Italy, thanks to Gino Sorbillo.

It is a renowned Naples. pizzaiolo (pizza master) who added the dreaded pineapple to your menu in Via dei Tribunali, the best-known pizzeria in the pizza capital of the world. However, not everyone is happy about this.

Are you craving pizza? There is a reason

Pizza was classified as the food most associated with addiction-like eating behaviorsaccording to a study that used the Yale Food Addiction Scale.

Its delicious combination of fats and carbohydrates, along with its complementary texture, color, and flavor profile are among the characteristics that make it so appealing.

Best Pizza City in USA

If you’re thinking Chicago or New York, you’re wrong. At least that is the most recent opinion of the authors of the encyclopedic “Modernist Pizza”, who stated that Portland, Oregon.It has the best pizza in America.

The best pizza in Europe

Surprise! 50 Top Pizza, an international guide run by Italians, made something of a splash in 2023 when it claimed that the best pizza in Europe wasn’t actually found in Italy, but Spain.

Pizza as a military intelligence tool

In the late 1960s, the US Army’s 113th Military Intelligence Unit used the tastiest trick in their book: making pizza deliveries. spy on journalists and politiciansaccording to The New Yorker magazine.

People love to break pizza records

Guinness World Records has recorded a seemingly endless list of pizza records. These are just a few:

The largest pizza in the world.: In Los Angeles, Pizza Hut and YouTube star Airrack set up a New record for the largest pizza in the world.with 13,990 square feet.

Longest pizza delivery: In 2006, Pablo Fenech traveled 19,780 kilometers from Madrid to Wellington, New Zealand, to personally deliver a pizza to Niko Apostolakis. CNN couldn’t find any record of whether the pizza was frozen when it got there or whether Apostolakis actually ate that thing.

Pizza delivery at higher altitudes on land: Good news! If you manage to reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, you might be able to convince Pizza Hut to deliver you a victory meal. They have done it beforeafter all.

PETA’s favorite pizzas

Even the folks at PETA love trying pizza, as long as the pies are “cow, pig, and chicken friendly and packed with flavor.”

Animal rights advocates have featured their vegan favorites from Las Vegas to Philadelphia.

Can there be anything that tops this criminal caper?

Italian anti-mafia police tracked down and arrested a suspected mobster in France, where he worked under the alias pizzaiolo.

Make your own pizza dough

In this case we are not being absurd. It’s perfectly doable to make your own delicious pizza dough at home. If the idea intimidates you, Stanley Tucci, the host of CNN’s “Searching for Italy,” guide the way.

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