National Guard and Navy win; INE and Judiciary lose

The Federation Expenditure Budget (PEF) was approved by the Chamber of Deputies last weekend and some agencies or autonomous bodies registered movements in the money destined for its operation.

In real terms, the National Guard was one of the entities that will have the greatest increase in its budget for next year, with 69.8% more, going from 36,991 million 426,861 pesos to 62,825 million 379,774 for 2022.

Within the PEF, an expenditure of 29.803 million pesos was stipulated for the operation of the National Guard, the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crimes. Just last July, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that with these increases he would finish consolidating this institution.

“With all the elements, with all the professionalism of those who make up the National Guard, with fair wages, benefits and also with all the facilities,” he declared.

Within the programmatic strategy of the Budget Project, it was established that the objectives of this security body is a growth of up to 140,000 elements and a coverage of 266 regions distributed throughout the country.

Another of the security institutions that received an increase was the Secretary of the Navy, in real terms it went from 36,789 million 353,985 pesos to 37,750 million 191,112, that is, an increase of 2.6 percent.

The Navy was assigned the new task of “Protection of Ports and Coasts and National Guard” as part of the General Axis “Politics and Government” of the National Development Plan 2019-2024.

On the other hand, a total of 7,180 million 623,456 pesos has been allocated for the operation and development of the security forces of the Armed Forces.

The security agency that suffered downward modifications in its budget was the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), which has a decrease in real terms of 10.8% with respect to 2021. For that year there was a bag of 36,789 million 353,985 pesos, while for 2022 the total will be 37,750 million 191,112 pesos.

Among the general missions of the Sedena is to contribute to counteract public insecurity in the country by supporting the national civil institutions in charge of public security to contribute in this way to the pacification of the country and reduction of violence, through the training of the security forces of the armed forces.

For the body of the Military Police, the budget to exercise next year is 18,144 million 112,694 pesos. While for the program of the Ministry of National Defense in Support of Public Security an amount of 4,382 million 321,651 pesos is allocated.

Self-employed affected

Among the institutions that suffered cuts in the allocation of their resources is the National Electoral Institute, which will have an amount of 19,736 million 593,972 pesos, if compared to what is allocated for its 2021 budget (27,812 million 134,253 pesos) there is a decrease 29% in real terms.

Similarly, the Federal Judicial Council will have 2,935 million pesos less and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation 65 million less compared to what was originally proposed.

Finally, the Chamber of Deputies will also have a reduction of 125 million, which will be used to increase the budget of the Chamber of Senators.

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