National Employment Service will serve young apprentices and migrants

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) lists changes to the operating rules of the Employment Support Program (PAE) to create within the subprogram of labor intermediation the modality of “Link with the Youth Building the Future Program”, in addition to launching the strategy “Opening Spaces” to promote the labor inclusion of people with disabilities and vulnerable populations like migrants.

For this year, the Chamber of Deputies assigned the PAE a budget of 55.5 million pesos, which implied a cut of 92% of the resources exercised in 2020. However, sources within the STPS confirmed that last-minute efforts allowed The program will have a game close to the 210 million pesos.

In 2022 the PAE, a program on which the operation of the National Employment Service (SNE) depends, will have an authorized purse of 56.8 million pesos. Despite maintaining a strong cut compared to the 704.8 million allocated almost two years ago, the STPS seeks to strengthen the program.

In accordance with the new operating rules, the modality of “Linkage with the Program Youth Building the Future (JCF) ”will offer to strengthen the employability of graduates through complementary services to the training they received in the companies where they were apprentices, which may include special workshops for job search and access to remote training.

The modality also includes the insertion to a formal job of JCF graduates through face-to-face and personalized attention to program beneficiaries who enroll in the SNE and express interest in receiving information and guidance on job offers.

In addition to regulating the support of the SNE to the Youth Building the Future program, the agency foresees the incorporation of the “Opening Spaces” strategy, which seeks to give all the subprograms and modalities of the PAE a focus on labor inclusion.

This strategy aims to provide special attention to job seekers who face greater difficulties in accessing the labor market, such as people with disabilities, the elderly, victims of crime or human rights violations, migrants Y refugees, among others.

“The strategy operates through the identification of comprehensive profiles and occupational orientation for people with disabilities and older adults; applies specialized evaluation instruments, among which the Valpar Work Sample System stands out, the results of which allow guiding people towards their best occupational option, and carrying out activities that facilitate the employability of people in the groups described above ”, indicates the project under review in the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement (Conamer).

Among other changes, the STPS states that virtual job fairs They are regulated as a permanent option within the labor intermediation subprogram.

The PAE would keep the subprogram of labor mobility with its modalities such as the Mexico-Canada Temporary Agricultural Workers Program (PTAT) or the Industrial and Services Internal Labor Mobility Program. The auxiliary services of the SNE would also be maintained, such as telephone assistance, job search workshops, labor intermediation centers and the Labor Observatory.

The project will also give continuity to the redesign of the services that the SNE had two years ago so that the care would be carried out with an analysis of the profile of the job seekers and a connection with the vacancies that best suit them, in addition to a more punctual follow-up in the applications.

SNE, between sacrifice and effort

Although the STPS rescued resources for the SNE operation After the cut approved by the Chamber of Deputies, this year the PAE had to say goodbye to the “Training for Employability” subprogram, which consisted of the payment of scholarships of between one and three minimum wages, up to three months, in addition to accident insurance, for people who took a practical course in a workplace, at the request of employers, to develop or perfect skills with the intention of being hired at the end of their training.

Faced with the cut in its budget, the SNE had to carry out a restructuring of its services, prioritizing the functions of intermediation and mobility of agricultural workers, and eliminating the employability training.

This same year, despite operating with fewer resources, the SNE renewed its employment portal, incorporating Artificial Intelligence and a geolocation tool to show vacancies near the home of job seekers and with results more adjusted to their profile.

“We have a different tool to facilitate the connection of job seekers through this new platform, which is a renewed job portal, which has various search engines. Artificial intelligence that allow greater assertiveness with the linking and intermediation of job seekers, “said the undersecretary of Employment and Labor Productivity, Marath Bolaños.

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