Napito’s liabilities

A week ago, in the central courtyard of the Government Palace of Oaxaca, Napoleón Gómez Urrutia began a national tour to present The Triumph of Dignity, the second book by the Morenoist senator and top leader of the Mining Union.

A “testimony for posterity”, a co-edition by Miguel Ángel Porrúa and La Jornada editions that begins with a story about his exoneration, after he faced charges of money laundering and fraud, for the management and extinction of the Mining Trust.

Mario del Toro, the mining leader’s criminal lawyer, managed to annul 11 ​​arrest warrants and obtained an injunction from the Fourth Collegiate Court in criminal matters. Claims for the $ 55 million have prevailed for 16 years.

On May 12, the head of the STPS Luisa María Alcalde Luján made an update on the matter at the morning conference at the National Palace. In the first instance, it recognized that there were different groups of workers in conflict, due to the same generating event: the extinction of the trust 10964526, which originally had registration number 9645 in Scotiabank, whose funds were delivered to Gómez Urrutia and the Mining Union, on 3 March 2005.

Most of them went to the labor authorities to claim their proportional part, since they did not receive the 80,000 pesos that the union organization gave, as a settlement for the workers of Industrial Minera México. Others collected that amount, but claimed a higher amount. And the Mining Union insisted that those resources should be dispersed among the organization’s membership throughout the country.

Lawsuits filed by 6,381 workers accumulated at the Federal Conciliation and Arbitration Board. In 2012 there was a first award that was appealed and on April 30, 2018 there was a new resolution, which was unsupported by decision of the magistrates.

On April 7, the Federal Board resolved 15 files in favor of 708 workers who claimed their proportional part and another 389 who have the right to receive the pending amount. Immediately, Gómez Urrutia and the Mining Union claimed an amparo, which was recorded in files DT.-910/2108 and 912/2018 in the twelfth collegiate court on labor matters.

Just a week ago, the magistrates issued a new resolution that resolves 25 files of the JFCA, among them 177/2005 and its accumulated, it was promoted by Juan Moreno Fernández before the special board 10, which involves 1,437 former employees of Mexicana de Cananea .

For the third time, it was determined to condemn the SNTMMSS and its general secretary, as jointly responsible, to recognize the right of former Cananea workers to benefit from the proportional distribution of more than 54 million dollars that at the time it withdrew from the trust established by the companies mining.

Side effects

PRIORITIES. The national leaders of Morena and the PRI have set as a priority the extraordinary election for the Mexican city council of Nextlalpan, which will be held on November 14. The importance of that municipality – it barely has 31,000 citizens registered in the electoral roll – lies in the main entrance of the new Felipe Ángeles international airport, which will be located in that demarcation. Such is the importance that the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, visited that municipality last weekend to support his candidates and mark a belligerent route. And it is that the national leader of Morena insisted that the electoral magistrates must reverse the triumph of the election registered in Coacalco, which was won by the Alliance standard-bearer David Sánchez Isidoro. This case is in court, with a challenge backed by Morena’s election attorneys nationwide. The difference in the vote is less than 400 votes. “He wants to declare the nullity of an election that has not even started. The only thing we have done is to work without scandals, concentrating on the campaigns,” replied the state leader of the PRI, Alejandra del Moral.

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