Naked man wreaks havoc in Cambridge

Street racing, accident, mischief, assault on a citizen; a man wreaked havoc on Saturday in Cambridge, Ont., while completely naked.

It all started when the suspect, a 40-year-old Cambridge citizen, rammed a moving SUV at full speed from behind on Lardner Street, a residential street in Cambridge lined with houses on either side, at around 4:15 p.m. explained the police of Waterloo.

Images captured using a surveillance camera and posted on YouTube show the scene of the accident. Under the force of the impact, the SUV crossed the snowbanks of two residential lots, before colliding with a car parked in a driveway.

In the aftermath, we can see the driver, driving a Volkswagen vehicle, get out of his car in his Adam’s outfit, with only a sheet that he tries to wrap around his waist, with more or less successful, before fleeing on foot.

Police say the man then drove to a restaurant, where he caused mischief, before returning to his vehicle. He then tried to flee the scene at low speed, before being intercepted by the authorities who, in the meantime, had had time to intervene.

Again, the whole scene was captured on camera. We can also see a person trying to get into the suspect’s vehicle to control him, before the driver of a tow truck gets involved and cuts him off, causing a slight collision.

The man, who by this time had already lost his cover for a while, came running once more to the scene of the first accident. He finally entered a house, the same one where the cameras were which captured the whole scene, where he allegedly attacked a resident, the police said.

Judging to have seen enough, the first responders intervened and took the man out of the house, before tackling him in the snow.

The driver of the rammed vehicle and the assaulted resident were taken to hospital for assessment following the chaotic scene.

The citizen will face a host of charges, including dangerous driving, street racing and breaking and entering. He remained detained pending his release hearing.

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